3 May 2012

Mantic Hasslefree Adventurers unboxing

Hello guys!

On thursday, my package from Wayland games arrived. In it, there were Hasslefree zombie hunters in mantic case (more on that curiosity later) and two "loads", an old couple. Missing was a strip of greenstuff that I've ordered and which I will run out of very soon. This makes me sad, I was really looking forward to it. I was just warming myself up for converting some mantic zeds  and giving them a bit more modern clothes. This does give me an excuse to buy more stuff next time they will have a free shipping thingie, hehe.

 Here is the pic of the things as I got them:

 And old woman, an old man and a huge "carry case". Second pic shows you the other side of the case, if you're interested in some fluff. Let me ask you to pay attention at the lower paragraph on back side "...please do not eat them." So, those are miniature figures, not miniature bacon. Keep that in mind!

When I've ordered the adventurers, I though they are from Hasslefree. Sure it said it comes in a "mantic case", but I didn't think much of it. I even went to check minies I get in the box on the list of hasslefree producs (to avoid any double buying in future :P), and found them all... except "Kenny"  from the case was called "Ken (b)"...or did I? Read on, I'll explain you everything.  However, first thing that came to my mind when I saw the case up close was "wow that ain't painted too well". Don't get me wrong, its nicely painted, above my skill, but still, I've expected something more...artistic? And whole case is much more "meh" from up close.

 After I've opened the case, here's what I saw:
...and it all made sense, looks like Mantic and Hasslefree teamed up. I went to check the Mantic's page and even read how at least one mini in each box (you also have some kids, which I'd like to get and two boxes of females, which are not what I'd want at the moment. At least not the "soldiers" one, they're all the same, hehe).
Included in the box were 4 bases and a "mantic point". Got to find those from the zeds, too. Not sure where I've put them so they wouldnt get lost -.-

Here are all the minies put in a row. Remember, hunters from hasslemantic and old couple from hasslefree. Second mini from left had his barrel broken. I guled it on and my optimism vanished after 3 sec when it fell of and got lost somewhere in all the cuts from cleaning the miniatures. As you can see, Tony guy (the first from left) is huge. And Kev is kinda small. I know he is supposed to be based on the sculptor, Kev White himself, but still, it really is a small mini. So, he has to be perfect to represent me, hah! To be honest, I am 178 cm tall and I call that average (which missus finds funny), but Im skinny enough to look smaller. Unless I find a better miniature, I think civilian version of Kev (with an axe!) will be my alter ego in the campaign. The pose of that mini is just sick...so good. But I am not a katana guy and pistol is "meh"...ah well, more on that once I get him!

I think this picture is good enough so you can play a little game with me! None of the 4 minies is unavailable at Hasslefree's, but they are kind of converted. Spot the differences and post them in the comments below!

What did you say...how do I know they're from mantic? Well, check the slotta tabs, silly! On pic above you can see they all have "hasslefree" written on the tab. And on the other side... :
If you wondered, miniatures came with lots of flash and mould lines. They're awesome sculpts, but crappy molds. Was more of a hasslemuch than hasslefree job, cleaning them up! But I did it once I was done, I had to admire the detail again. Actually, every time I grab them, I just have to watch how cool those minies are. Really awesome. I have much lower standards, to be fair, but it is still nice to have few of the top miniatures.

Here are some more pics of the minies. I will base my old couple once I get a hold of some 20mm bases, as 25mm seem too big for them...well, at least for the lady.


I've also took some size comparishon shots and another shot of the redhead from previous post:

Mantic-HF, Mantic zed, Mantic-HF Kev (Looks just like me, doesn't he? :P), WGF Zed, Urban war male, Mantic-HF Ken and Grant, Urban war female

And for the end, some close ups for scale and the "bonus" redhead:

I hope this was helpful at least to the guys who, as myself, were unavare of "Mantic-HF" deals!

And here is a hint for those, interested in an old couple: Click me softly!

Thanks for reading,



  1. A good bunch of survivors!

    Now to paint them mate ;-)

  2. I like the Mantic survivors, but I think I prefer their original HassleFree sculpts in most cases. I think it is the helmets and kevlar vests that keep me from liking them too much.

    I really like the old couple too, they'll make great civilians.

  3. How weird I just received my first lot of Hasslefree survivors this morning too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them on the paint front

  4. @ Siwoc and Headnhalf Yeah...about painting, lol. Still can't decide on the colours for the army / police. It is eating me on the inside :P

    @ Adam I agree, and I prefer the "civilian" version of those, to be honest. But they were 4 in a pack, so I've just bitten the bullet :). I like old man especially, from the old couple. NMRIH even has the rules for "the load", old man that folows you, slows you down and is generally pesimistic! :D

  5. Look forward to seeing these painted mate. They are all unique in this set. Ken and Tony have Helmets added plus Ken gets a G36. Whilst Kev and Grant both have hair added. I was looking forward to the next release (which there hasn't been for a while) Of the Hasslefree police they are all armed with G36's but sadly no new sets have come out for a while there was cover art for the set on the Forum of Doom.

    The young kids and lady soldiers are the best two sets. I like the armament of these guys but Not to keen on the helmets tbh.

    1. I plan on getting kids one day, and studio miniatures zombie kids and play "a day at the park" massacre. I could see the old couple included as well. Can imagine grandpa stepping to a zombie and say "Behave, young man!" before she lets him "weight" the content of her basket :P

      Ken, I am pretty sure, is made after this one:
      And I agree on helmets, while taclight is nice addition, they are too futuristic. And I am not too keen on SMGs either, but I love G36's. Slovenian army was deciding between those and F2000s we have now. And it gives me a reason to buys Eureka's germans with gasmasks, haha.

      Dont like the female soldiers myself, they're all the same. BTW, the Ken, with broken rifle barrel had almost no mould lines and flesh, such a nice mini to work on!

    2. I'd forgot about that version of Ken! F2000 was my favourite AR in Battlefield 2

      Lead adventure miniatures have some G36 soldiers in there post apoc range. There is Frogmen and marines.



    3. Hah, mine was SA80, I didn't like the assault class. As the real gun itself is not really battlefield tested, I keep hearing stories how it is pretty crappy, but people from foreign armies like to take pictures with it :D