13 Dec 2012

CD based terrain


motivation is out of supply in Mathyooville, for study and for hobby. The winter is none of my favorite seasons. And I hate snow shoveling. Anyways, I got some sculpts WIP that I won't show today...nothing interesting in a clump of wire. I have found out I am simply unable to make a nice dolly and if I do go to Salute, I'll make sure I bring some dollies back home. That leaves me around 5 months to practice, because I don't want to ruin those dollies after I get them!

Anyways, I've also ripped one of the cork tiles I made for my urban terrain. They've started wrapping and I've decided I will build a less modular board one day. I went for a simple rocky concept and I've made 2 little "pyramid" rocks, two "something else" rocks and an abyss, filled with water.

The photos:

 All 5 CDs together:
I went for the green and grey drybrush for stones, as I did with my gravestones and crypt...it is supposed to be from the same area after all!
 The abyss. In Strange Aeons, there is a scenario where a tentacled beast is summoned from an ancient well. As I had no ideas how to make a good looking well, I went for a deep, water filled crack. It looks more like a crater than I'd want to, but I can live with that. The water is way too bright, I should do something with greens or purples I guess. Anyways, what is missing are the tentacles that are on my to-do list but I haven't actually started working on them yet.
 A close up on one of the CDs. This one has enough space in between the rocks for a miniature to pass or hide between.
 Annd a sneak peak on my WIP Dunwich buildings. I've made two roofs and lost motivation to get started with the third. I've also messed up 2nd story on the house in the background (unpainted one), and everything is wrapping. But I think I'll slowly paint finish them. I got too many ongoing projects and nothing gets finished.

Yet again, thanks for looking,


  1. I do like those. CD's have always been a medium of choice for me.

    1. Yes, I've found out they're more than useful. Size is big enough for most of the terrain I'd want and the CDs are really durable.

  2. Lots of promising terrain there. I know the feeling well re motivation I just have to much todo and not enough time in the day to do it.

  3. Some useful terrain there and I too get sick of roofs very quickly.
    Your buildings look good and don't worry too much about the warping in real-life terms its ageing 1

  4. Well done mate! This looks really good.

    CD terrain is easy to store when not being used and it really makes the battlefield feel more real.

  5. Cool terrain! I do like your painting, it's very realistic :)

    As for sulpts, Ebob Miniatures sell some skeletons which would work great as dollies for personal use. They are quite bendy. Only thing is you would need to bulk them out, so an already bulked out dollie might be better..