29 Dec 2012

...and a happy new year!


There is no done stuff to be shown, but it is another "remarkable" date to be mentioned! We will start counting the days from the start again and in about 2 months, my blog will celebrate its very first birth day. I am not much of a New year's resolution guy, but there is all that talking about the projects for the next year, I might add my part. But before I do that, I'd really, really like to thank every and each one of you that has checked (or even actually read) posts on my blog. Even more so to people, that take time to comment as this is what makes a blog "alive". I've reached 10,000 hits and I've also noticed theres 50 people following the blog already! It is a first bigger milestone and it fills me with mojo to start showing the good stuff again!

Currently, I am being distracted by way too many seminar papers that need to be written, by way too many visitors that need to be greeted and Board of Living Lead's diorama contest. I won't bore you with the boring stuff (interesting fact: 93% Nauruan men and 97% of Nauruan women are obese) but I can tell you a thing or two about the diorama. I got this amazing (really amazing, I'm telling you!) idea about a month back and it took me quite a while to build the thing up. The problem is....it didn't turn out as amazing as I had it imagined. It is actually amazingly boring. But you can see that for yourself once the competition is over and I can post some pics around. I was mentioning it so I could explain how much time it takes. I am also sculpting (with a dead slow progress) a snake throne and 2 snakemen....and some random people that I still got to decide what they will become :P. When I am done with the diorama, I should really focus on the projects that need to be finished.

Which leads me to next year's plans. What projects are planned?

1. Modern zombie gaming. I want those zombies painted! I've started this blog painting zombies, now I haven't painted an in a long time. That is the problem with the plastics, eventually, they're all the same. I want those buildings painted! And I want those games be played! I will give NIMRH another try, as they honestly look like just the rules to use, yet something doesn't feel right with them. It has everything I need. I also want to scratchbuild a vehicle. Surely I'd make myself a tank, but I will start by converting one of the big buses I got in London in march. I will put some extra armour, some fencing and a crow's nest on it. 

2. Strange Aeons. I got that cool supplement and I want those special scenarios played. For it, I need to finish my Dunwich buildings and build more. Need a river. Need more jungle (always handy). I'll need dinosaurs (was about to buy them like 3-4 times, but I always change my mind as there's something that I dont like about the toy ones). I'll need giant bugs and such, also had them in my shopping cart but decided I'll just sculpt my own. It is nice to game with something you've made, but it takes time...which brings me to next goal

3. resin and mould making rubber. I've already made a research and know where to get it in Slovenia and I know the costs. Once my sculpts get good enough, I'd love to duplicate them. Because I'm nowhere there, I am in no hurry with resin, either. 

4. Hostage rescue, sci-fi, aztecs, napoleonics, WW I, (Weird) WW2, pulp, gangsters, gladiators, greek mythology quest-adventure-sth...those all got 1 thing in common. They are a reason I hardly make plans. It is all that interests me, one more than others. I'd buy piles and piles of figures if I wouldn't be saving the money to spend it at Salute next year. I honestly hope I can restrain myself from buying anything new before I paint everything I got. There isn't hundreds of figures, but still enough. I probably won't game much different games, but I am not much of a gamer anyways. It is just another reason to make buying miniatures "worth it"...as they get used. 

Well, we will see how it goes when the time to show progress comes!

See you next year and have a great celebration! I am looking forward to spending another year in your company and I hope I will manage to meet at least someone in person next year!


  1. Happy New Year to you buddy and congratulations on reaching the 10k hits milestone. Here to the next 10k. Have a good one

  2. Happy new year mate! 10k is a really nice milestone. A lot of blogs never survive their 1st year. Yours are made of harder stuff. Well done mate!!

  3. Happy New Year!

    I see your point 4 lists many of the things I am very interested in too. If only I had more $ :-P

  4. Nice work Mathyoo, have a happy new year and keep on blogging!!

  5. Keep it up mate you have a lot to do. Good luck with your studies. Happy New Year.

  6. Well done buddy a lot done. Have a good New Year and good luck with your studies.

  7. Congrats on reaching 10,000 hits, Mathyoo. Best wishes for the new year.

  8. Thanks for all the wishes guys! Only one real day in, but year seems to be just fine for now, hehe!

  9. Hey Mathyoo! I saw your invite on WoT the other night just as I was closing it due to lag problemse :( sorry buddy! Another time I hope?

    "I honestly hope I can restrain myself from buying anything new before I paint everything I got."

    If you could do that you wouldn't be a wargamer! ;)

    1. Hah, no problem, I am on pretty regularly :P

      As for painting what I got... my gaming buddy said "When you paint everything you got, you die" :D

      I did paint everything I got for FOW, but now I want to sell that, actually :P

    2. My faith in you as a wargamer is restored! ;)