6 Jul 2012

The night of the updates!

I've actually wanted to make a post few days back, posting pictures of my little sculpting progress that I took when I've been taking pictures for my last AAR.

However, the thing is I've made so much progress I couldn't post those pics and I couldn't get myself to take the new ones. Sorry :P. But now I'm doing it!

Hobby-wise, I did quite somethings about half way. I'm currently painting 6 WGF zeds and Im having problems with the yellow and a brown wash, so I hardly get myself to paint them more. I'll just sit one day behind the table and finish them. Looks like I really can't do 6 of them at once...unless I'd want them all in same colours, which I do not want. That is one of the reasons you can paint more mantic zeds at once, but not WGF's ones. Or well, I can't. I think I won't paint any miniatures for a week or two then, to get my interest back, and will model and sculpt in the mean time.

I've also decided I will rush on with my campaign and I will start it eventhough I don't have all the minies and scenery built, nor painted. I will also drop my standards and won't have (too many) bloggers as my heroes. Well, I got me, but not civilian version...it was out of stock and I've changed my mind. And I got three other bloggers. Okay, plus Shelldrake, lol. Sorry mate! I will probably just paint the main heroes and make another post, showing the brave guys to you....and asking the real guys if they mind being glorified for eternity!

Well, let me save the rambligns about the campaign for some other day and get to the pictury stuff:

The bodies:

 Five of them, only one "sort of" female. After I've learned most of the people dislike bases, I've sadly figured my bodies would fall apart if I'd take them off the plasticard I've modeled them on :P. They're a bit more advanced now with rundamentary shoes, faces and some hands done.

 Above is a close up on probably the best hand I've sculpted so far. You can see he is supposed to get blown skull. If you guys own NMRIH, check the Events table for a hint ;)

Below, four of the body bags. Again, the third from the left is a bit more detailed now. The extra putty at the zip was cleaned and I've sculpted hands. If it is unclear, it is supposed to represent a dead body reanimating, tearing open his bag :P.

A close up on the face...you can't see much because the camera on my phone realyl isn't the best. Therefore, I pronounce this pic useless. 
 Another try?

Moving on, we got a little conversion. It is an Urban war miniature (you can see raw mini here ), Male with a pistol. The converted part is his right hand, now sporting a bad ass revolver, kindly donated by Lord Siwoc. I've positioned a gun a bit angled, as if he'd have problems holding it. We're talking about .44 magnum here, guys!

 Next is another one of my 50 unfinished projects, a sculpt of Cthulhu mythos monster, a little shantak. The things are described as bigger than elephants, but also as "growing larger every moment". I've sculpted mine as being in the earliest of those moments, obviously, as it isn't really the biggest one around.

Here are the early pics:

 It is a skeleton of wire and miliput base. Below is the first part of the details. Not the most detailed belly you'd seen, I'm affraid.

 I was working more on the sculpt later, the bottom itself is nothing spectacular, but here is the top:
Shantak's skin is supposed to be scaly. Scales on this side of the mini ended up quite nice, but are horrible on the other side. The problem is I was so lost in how could I do it, I went for hexes, of a kind. The tail and legs still need a lot of work. Included is a start of his head, but I'm lost on this one as well and it will take me a while to figure it out. 

Shantak is supposed to be something between the bird and the bat, here are its wings:
One turned out quite nicely, the other one not as much, so thats more like half-way done. He is supposed to be "sitting", which explains the wing's form. I've included a pic of assembled beast below, so it can give you a better picture of the idea.

So, seen from here, it needs work on the tail, on the legs, on the neck (I'll probably bend it a bit or something), the face and the wings. I will include few more fingers on the bends at the wings, something like Pterodaktyl's had. I planned on making a smaller one, but he ended up even smaller than I planned, so I could probably make a scenic base for him to sit on, to make him stand a bit higher. On the comparison pic below, you can see my yelow work in progress zombie (but he has been ruined with old brown wash by now). If you'd put a shantak on a round slotta base as well, he'd be a bit higher, to that might not be the best comparison.
 The reason I'm sculpting the beast is to work on my sculpting skills some more. I figured it might be easier to do something imaginatory, where I can't blow everything just because I've failed proportions. And I REALLY want to get into Strange Aeons game. I was looking at it before I started all this zombie project, but got turned away because rulebook was hard to get. Now it is a bit easier and I'm fighting great battles with myself, lol. I don't think people who aren't gamers know how dangerous hobby this really is!

 And if you thought thats all I've got...never! Here are some plank fences:

 Made of popsickle sticks I've been collecting for few years (yes, I wanted to get in the hobby for a while lol). I've cut the round pieces away, cut them on halves and scored them with "wired brush". Except it wasn't a brush but a circular add on for a bigger dremel. I kept poking my fingers on the stray wires...annoying. You can't see the marks, I guess, but hopefuly those are deep enough to stand out when I'll drybrush the planks.

Below, a size comparison pick with TAG headhunter mini:

...and now thats all for today.

Thanks for taking the time to read,


  1. Damn you have been busy! Looking quite good all of it.

    The plank fence is a great idea! I may have to steal that one hehe

    1. Well, got more free time lately, hehe.
      If you can get a hold of them, use coffee stirers. I haven't found them here yet, but I can imagine the wood is softer, icecream sticks are a murder to cut.

  2. lots of great stuff here mate. Good to see you have lots of things on the go. Your sculpting is coming along nicely those scales look really good.

    1. Thanks Brummie! Will give a go to some serpentmen or deep ones next probably. I'd like to make dunwich twins one day, but well, one by one, hehe.

  3. You have plenty to keep yourself busy, which is always a good thing. Just keep moving betwwen projects as the fancy takes you and you'll never get bored.

    1. I agree, the good thing about having many projects is you can always rotate, hehe

  4. They seem to be coming on really well. Can't wait to see them finished.

    1. Thanks mate, will make sure to post once they're done!

  5. Nice work on that beast!! Those wings look really awesome. Wings are not easily made, so you've done really well!

    1. Thank you! Its killing me that I can't make 2 identical looking, hehe. I will try to make a head look really great to grab the attention or something! :D

  6. Wow, some great sculpts there. The Shantak is awesome, and I really like the body bags. Also going to steal the plank fencing idea, they look great and I need some for my backyards.

    1. Thanks Joe.
      The planking, as so many things in this hobby isn't entirely my idea, but you know how that works, hehe.
      I will try to do some hedges next, it is always good to have a little project that doesn't need much thinking and you can do it after a long day at work and such :)

  7. Looking good Mathyoo! If only I could sculpt :( liking the bodybags immensely!

    Perhaps you should send a couple to Grekwood to get Calr to manufacture them for his hospital?

    1. We talked about that, but Carl has other plans ;)
      I'm glad you like them, though!