23 Aug 2016

Underfire miniatures: 28mm West Germans

Hi guys,

while it might look different from my posting time frame, the hobby mojo is really high lately.

I've managed to paint  another of Underfire's pack, this time West Germans for the change.

There are 4 riflemen in a pack, armed with G3 rifles. Equipment wise, they are almost identical to the East Germans, but not that this came as a surprise.

As with the first East German pack that I painted, it took me quite some time to figure out the paints I want. Consulting photos (there aren't all that many, honestly), I figured it should all be done in a very pale green grey. EVERYTHING. So to gain some contrast, I cheated a bit and painted the equipment slightly khaki.

Other than that they are rather simple to paint and to save me further trouble, this is what I came up with. Mind, some steps could be avoided.

1. Uniform was base coated with Feldgrau, followed by Green grey highlights. This was too striking, so I washed it in Feldgrau and for a moment felt impressed with my painting skill.
Note, this step is way unnecessary and a straight go for Green Grey would probably suffice. I found it advised to mix Feldgrau and Green grey in 60/40 mix, but I think that'd still be too dark.

2.  Helmets, plastic rifle parts (stock and grip), gas mask bag and canteen were all painted violet brown. Mind, gas mask could be of another colour, I just could not find any reference.

3. Pouches, webbing and any other bag were painted in Green Grey mixed with Khaki. Finding what I wanted here was a nightmare as anything that felt right simply became too similar to the uniform.

4. I washed it all with black, I ALWAYS try something  different (see point 1) and I always settle for base coat - black wash - highlights. I find that sufficient for my painting skills (and indeed expectations) and the wash really helps bringing tiny details out.
This sculptor has a very subtle (= realistic) style and a lot of details simply disappear with a bad paint job.

5. Pretty regular highlighting, so now that I think of it I could simply tell you I used Green grey and shorten this "tutorial" for quite a few lines.

Lastly, a few comparison photos. The miniatures in this range are rather tall, I am not sure if that's the latest trends or intentional, but I suppose that makes them a better fit for 1/48 kits.

East German - West German - Empress "Slovene". Technically, they are all around the same height to the eye, with the Germans being bulkier - but not at all grotesque in proportions. This really seems to be a new standard for the miniatures.

East German - Hasslefree Ken (I think?) - West German.

Other than that, the WW1 project is in full swing. The rules are giving me a bit of a headache. I am very satisfied with them, but now I am having trouble cleaning them up. Evidently I can't say things on the short way!

I've also tried myself at modelling a mountain gun (felt in despair at the wheels stage and yes, I started with the wheels); I'm drawing up a plan for sculpting a whole range - didn't have plans like that since the modern Slovenes project; I'm preparing a campaign for the rules that haven't even been written yet; I am thinking about tackling a WW1 battlefield board AND I am finishing some sculpting projects I started the magical 2 years ago when things were moving with speed.

After almost a year of a lack of enthusiasm, it's really astonishing what a fresh project can do for the motivation!

Thanks for looking,


  1. You are right ploughing over the same projects time and again is dull while starting something new is exciting and rewarding.

    The west German troops look good as well and will help to round out your modern corner of wargaming.

    1. That's all too true Clint, it is amazing what a fresh breeze can do for the motivation!

  2. These look great and always good to have something fresh to look forward to.

    1. Thanks Michael, I have to admit I think they came out a lot better than East Germans, but that could also just be that green is a nicer colour than brown!

  3. Replies
    1. Hah, surely this can't be read the wrong way? :D

  4. Always good to have a break from one project to another (I'm currently on a permanent break from all projects).
    These sculpts are beautifully proportioned and you've done an excellent paint-job on them btw.

    1. I think sometimes a break comes in handy, that's why I find it very hard to self impose any deadlines on the hobby.

      I can only agree on the sculpts, the style is really nice for historical miniatures. Can't say the paint job is *excellent* though, but thanks! :D

  5. They look great- glad to see that you are getting your mojo back too.



  6. The Under Fire miniatures look great!

    I did not need to see this, though - more potential distractions to try and resist!

    1. Ah - isn't it always like that? I've got so many ideas for projects, I can't even remember them all.

  7. They turned out really good. I agree with you the khaki was need to just make the details pop that little bit more. I will have to check these out as I am quite fond of the G3 assault rifle.

    1. Thanks Simon!

      I know! To be honest, first thing I thought about when seeing them is how good they would work for evil genious' minions - the helmets would need little work to look like hard hats.

  8. These look great and always good to have something fresh to look forward to.


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