14 Apr 2012

More WIP buildings


last two days I've been working on the exterior of my buildings, to get things moving somewhat.

Here are the pictures:

The picture below shows you all the buildings I currently have. There is 1 bigger, 1 story house with a garrage, two little twin houses, an apartment block and a box store I showed few days back.

All I was doing these two days was actually building roofs and sticking matches around the buildings.
Here you can see close up on front and behind of the little buildings. They're supposed to be identical. Right doorway, however, has a bit dented step, i cut a bit too short again, and figured some variety could be nice. 
 A close up on zombeighors, having a little mornin' chat.

The mighty apartment building from front. There is an apartment down bottom, on first floor and on top floor. Top one is a bit smaller but has a terrace that offers a nice view of the town. Needs fencing, we don't want anyone to fall off, do we?
 The side of the building:
 ...and all the components:
You can see top floor, with little "box" for staircase, ground and first floor are basically identical, except for the fron doors, of course. The thinner section is for staircase, which I might or might not build once. It would be "snail" type, a little 5x5 cm "cube" that starts low and grows , you get it :P
 I will do some "garage" doors for delivery section of my box store: That is the "top" section, with two openings. In the "store" part, there will be glass doors. Or none, but you know, a man can plan. Naturally, floor plan is smaller than expected, so once I get to building shelves, I have to rethink my strategy.
 And for the end, the building that still looks quite small, but way too big compared to others, the "suburbian queen". building from front. Blue zed is in a garrage.
 The little variety:
 Here is the 3x3 board, using paper "testers". It looks funilly largely-small. Mostly small. I've only used cars from poundland, didn't bother finding the others, hehe.
 Most of the cars are too big. Especially the police and bus. Here, each lane is 5cm wide, plus 5 cm for sidewalks + 5 cm spare (each side). If you add a sidewalk, two police cars can't meet, and don't get me started about the bus.
I was thinking I would add another centimeter to each lane, and another half centimeter for each of the sidewalks. That half would be on half of the sidewalk and I would "plant" hedgerows, dividing sidewalk on two sides - for bikes and for pedestrians - as its done here, in a town close to me. Still don't have the picture, but I guess you could imagine.

The problem is, I lose 5 extra centimeters on each side. It leaves me with 3.5, which is still something...but i lose the simetry of 5. Its not something really disturbing, to be honest. And on the plus side, I would really like to see my bus drive around normaly.  The thing is, 5 is enough for other vehicles. How wide are the roads you guys are using?  And I would love to hear your opinions on that, don't want to start building a board and end up with something that I don't like.

Oh, and I've ordered some hasslefree minies, but more on that when they arrive! :P



  1. Buildings are coming along nicely. I like your test layout. My lanes are too wide. Each lane is 7.5cm wide and the 4 lanes are 30cm wide. It's modeled on the main street of my town. I initially planned 2 2.5cm driving lanes with a 2.5cm parking lane on each side, but some of my vehicles were too big, so I left off the parking lanes on each side and extended each driving lane to 3.5cm. Now they can hold the bigger vehicles, but my lanes are too wide and I have no streetfront parking.

  2. Ah, the joys of urban planning, which I've yet to go through.

    Your buildings look fine Mattyoo, it'll be trial and error to get your roads the way you want them, so paper templates are a good idea.

  3. Buildings look great. Can't comment on the roads yet its on my to do list.

  4. @Joe, thats my problem. If I expand roads any further I can forget about parking along the street. And even if I add just one centimeter to each lane, making each 6 long. But five doesn't seem okay, when you add the drawn lines, its just way to shrinken. I think I will go with 7.5 you mentioned, and probably put it on one side of the tiles. So I can have parking on one side, and sidewalk right on the border of the tile. Will take some extra drawing to make sure its okay, but think that could work. I will only do 1 lane per side, as making two would forbid me from having sidewalks on the same tiles, and that would kidna seem weird....but on the other hand, your road looks awesome, to be honest.
    @Zabadak and Brummie, thanks guys. And well, planning, still the cheapest side of the gaming, hehe. Will paint some zeds now and then start building the roads so I can play some games :P

    What will you use for your scenery Brummie?

  5. This is looking pretty good! Very nice progress!

    I am still trying to figure out out how to do my roads. Not happy with what I got.

  6. I liked the articles and the name of the Blog is one of the best I have heard of

  7. @Siwoc Thank you...just some lines on your roads, light grey drybrush and its good enough? :)

    @Fred Hey! Thank you, I'm glad you like them. The name is honestly just half my idea, hehe

  8. Another option for you to consider is to take a look at the roads made by World Works Games that I use. In their Streets of Legends set they have lots of road options, varying in widths, although most of their tiles are 6" square. If need be, you could trim them to fit on top of your own tiles. It would save you from painting your roads and look very professional.

  9. Thanks for the idea vampifan, but I am tryin to steer away from paper terain. Not because I want my board to look like a 5 year old made it, but because I got black and white printer and when you calculate it all, its just too much effort for the roads only. Thats why I didn't go with paper terain from start. To be honest, I still look up your blog for inspiration, tips and little details on buildings ;)

  10. Yup, that's a lot of buildings. Plenty to get a good game in.

    1. They fill the board nicely, but my plan is not to use the suburban with apartment blocks too much. Still got to sit and do another apartment block, police station, some kind of hospital or clinic, graveyard...so much has to be done :P