14 Jul 2013

Female survivors


I've finally got to it and finished first 28mm survivors I've managed to get for my zombie project.
You can see unboxing post here. I had quite some problems with them (it started even before I got them due to LGS mishap and it only got worse) and while I think they're not bad miniatures, they're somewhat sci-fish and they wouldn't be my first choice. They needed quite some cleaning up, if I remember correctly, but now that they're all painted they look quite nice.

I have painted the rest before (I have one male as it was packed wrongly and I got the right miniature from them eventually) and I've taken some group shots that you can see below.

I've learned quite few things while I was painting those, most notably I'm sick of greys and blacks I used to love that much :D.

 So, first miniature is highly converted. Gun was cut of, right arm repositioned and TAG flamethrower was placed in her hand. Apparently, because flamethrower is just like a chainsaw, you got to have one! Pipe is just a brass springy wire. Second one only had wire inserted in her right hand and sculpted to roughly present a dagger. I wanted as many survivors as possible to carry melee weapons so thats about it.

 Not much to say about miniatures themselves. I am quite happy with the result, yet I can't lose the feeling they were a rush job (that took me week to finish -.-)...I just can't get myself to enjoy painting at the moment. Perhaps I should put some plastic zeds together while I wait for my mojo to come back.

Below is a group shot with blurry WIP sculpts that have also came to an unfortunate standstill. Apart from two girls shown today, only a guy is converted (got a pistol in his right hand). 

All in all it isn't too much of a work done, but considering how limited my survivors range is, I am over half done! I got more much more painted (and to paint) for Strange Aeons, for example...if we don't count the zombies!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Been waiting ages to finally see your flamethrower conversion painted, nice work mate.
    Hope you find your painting mojo soon, I'm still having trouble finding mine too lol

    1. I know I know, I'm slow. But I do feel like playing some zombie games lately :P

      Must be something in the air!

  2. Nice job glad to see them finished. They are good looking survivors. I think the range these are from is a futuristic/sci fi setting so probably explains there outfits.

    1. Yes, they're bit sci-fi oriented, but with 50% off (+20% on for local retailer, so only 40% off defacto :P) I couldn't let them be!

  3. Oooh. this is veryt nice mate!

    Well done on these survivors!

    1. Cheers mate, slowly conquering the lead pile!

  4. Those are really good my friend, top work.