4 Jul 2013

Alive and kicking!

Nope, not your favorite 80's song!

Ending Strange Aeons streak, I've painted some zombie hunters / survivors...call them what you will. I still have loads to paint for SA, but I felt joy has turned into mindless painting, so I figured switching a genre should help.

Before I start, excuse the shine...it comes from Vallejo mat varnish (or so they label it). The first bottle I used (17ml) was fine, but now I am suffering trough 60ml of this semi-shiny liquid and I don't like it. Considering the season, I might go pick up a mat varnish in spray and give all those miniatures a quick run do dull the shine a bit.

So, on to the survivors. Every single one of them is converted (yay!) From left to right, we got converted mantic-hasslefree Ken. This one had deformed G36 rifle (I got replacement :P), but otherwise, miniature was fine. I've decided to go all patriotic with it and I converted a rifle a bit, making it FN F2000S. It is a damn sexy rifle and my great life plan is making a bunch of slovenian (or is it slovene?) soldiers. I've also gave it a civilian backpack and "skull" mask over his face. My painting doesn't really show it, but in general, I'm quite satisfied with it.
The police officer in the middle comes from TAG, SWAT officer with baton and shield. Now, I've had this one laying around for quite a while and I really like it. Idea for him comes from suggestions I've found when I've joined Board of the Living Lead,  your place of choice for all living lead fans. I've piled his glasses and sculpted him a helmet visor (but you could buy those from TAG, check modern russian accessories). I have made his silly stick into a zombie-hacking machine - an axe. He wasn't awesome enough, so I've drilled trough his radio and gave him a sawn off...just in case. You can see he has his right hand protected by chainmail. I have no idea if he got it from a butcher or a diver, but it does a job! As you can see, his shield is quite bloody...I am no expert but I'd say someone was decapitated with it (dramatic sound)!
Decal was sent to me aaaages ago by Lucky Joe - Thanks man!
Last guy comes from TAG as well, he is a freebie miniature (search headhunter). This one is the least converted, he was given a TAG holstered pistol (search modern US accessories, IIRC) and an over sized harness...I'm learning! I have tried doing some stringy gore with UHU glue and pulled the strings from the dead head down to the floor, but it snapped.

Vehicle is from poundland, got it in April. Not the best around, but hey, it's an ambulance! :P

I don't have much interest in moderns atm, but I have to say I really enjoyed painting some gore again. I will post in bigger intervals now, as my mojo still isn't quite back, but I am aiming for at least a post per week...if nothing else, I have a lot to "think" about - sci-fi mutant hunt, cold war gone hot drooling, and there was one other thing I was really into, but it has escaped my mind atm!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Joe, feels good to do some survivors :D

  2. very nice, Mathyoo very nice, me likes the riot cop.

  3. Nice looking group. I thought the Zombie head Hunter was a conversion of the guy with the lantern.

    1. Thanks. What a great idea, converting lantern to head! :D
      But nope, he comes like that...supposed to be african head hunter or something.

  4. These survivors are superb mate. They are all brilliantly converted and painted but I love the SWAT guy in the centre the best I just love zombie hunters with axes!

  5. Great work on these guys. I need to start having a proper look through the TAG site as modern bitz sound very useful

    1. Thanks! And I am really satisfied with them...bought whole bunch of extra equipment that I "needed" back then but haven't used much since :P

  6. Looking good mate! I like the car you use as background.

    Now...Let them hunt zombies!!!