8 Jul 2013

Big Lee's millionthversary!


I've been resisting the temptation to pimp other pages just for the prize (got no problem with spreading the word of all the cool things people show on their blog!)...but as I am struggling painting miniatures for my next posts, I've figured I'd buy me some time by pimping Big Lee's million views giveaway.

You can find a post Here. While I'm mentioning Big Lee, I've only found his blog after I've met him at this year's Salute (yeah, I know, I mention Salute in every post, but it really did bring a lot of things out!). If anyone cares, he is kinda big. I'd guess "Big" would be more of a nickname for me..that irony! :D.
 I'd like to say I like his blog, as it is full of the things I like, but every time Lee posts about all the great museums he has visited, I die a bit inside. Plus he uses this posh new look for blogs that keeps giving me problems, I really aren't the most IT educated guy around.

Well, I shouldn't complain too much. Do take a look at his blog if you haven't yet, his Afrika Korps are just fantastic!

Thanks for looking and sorry that I'm not actually showing anything...will try to finish the two miniatures by the mid week!



  1. Thanks for the 'pimpage' and thank you also for the kind endorsement. Sorry about the museum visits... I can't help myself.

    Glad you like the AfrikaKorps stuff, I'm rather enjoying it myself.

    1. No worries Lee, your visits are just helping me make plans :P.

      It is great, I am sorry I haven't figured we should play FOW in that scale here. I find tables quite clogged pretty soon at 1500+ pts.

  2. Mathyoo, I do believe you're becoming a blog-whore

    1. Hah, I'm feeling lucky and I won't share my "if" prize with you on purpose! It seemed like a decent way to fill my posts! :P