27 Feb 2012

WGF Zombies - little conversions

Hello again!

I've been working on my WGF Zombie Horde over the weekend. I've assembled 18 zombies from 3 sprues, leaving two for later. To be honest, even if there is a billion combinations you can build them, no matter how you do it, they just keep looking the same. And I am not in any hurry, anyways, heh.

So, what I did was first some drilling and chopping, then some greenstuffing (if we could say that is an actual word), to modify some of them a bit.

Here we go:

As per Matakishi's advice, I've cut a bits of sprue and attached one arm and some paper clips to make an armature for a future zombie. Heads were glued on but fell of (which is good, they we're restricting my space to work on the armatures).
There are basicly 2 basic things I've learned while trying myself at sculpting. First, it ain't easy - I respect EVERY sculpter from now on. Anything that looks like what it is supposed to look like from far away, is a work worth of admiration. Second, sprue is not wide enough to make figures look wide enough, if glue arms straight on it (as I did), would have to pin them with some free space. I could always just make torso larger on the other side, but legs are on the middle of the sprue, so that woudl look odd.
Here are the pictures of my two armatures:

This is to be a patient in a hospital gown. His "grab" arm will be (if it goes as planned) holding to infusion rod. Don't know what is the word but you know, the rod that has blood / liquid food in it. Or something like that. Notice the feet, I am really happy about how that turned out.
 Here is the second one, a generic zombie or something. I wanted to give him those table signs you put on your body, to inform people the world is at end. Something like this, but minus Homer.
And here they are, bot together. Nothing special, and I will take a break a little, as I need to gather a courage for next level, the real deal, heh.

Back to WGF Zombies themselves:

  I have filled the body - legs joints where I saw needed, and I wont be showing those here, nothing special to see. However, on the pictures above, we got an "I was an adventurer, just like you...but then I took a steel pipe in my chest" (for you, Skyrim fans :P) Zed, nothing special. I think he looks little like Steve Irwin. Next to him is one of the 2 bare chested guys who got repositioned left arm. First one is not on the picture, but its mostly like this one, except for the shirt. Shirt itself is nothing special, now, just giving myself a try. his left arm was glued with plastics glue twice and once with super glue and it keep falling off, so I've pined it. Now it holds. Third guys is a Student Zed, my attempt at being funny. I will paint him as a student in pijamas and a robe (yet another idea partly "stolen" from Matakishi). I was going for a cup of coffee in his hand, but that seemed hard to make, so I've made a cell phone. Obviously poor guy was talking to someone while he gots biten and now just doesn't get it, comprende? Added that fabric belt to his robe and will probably paint his huge feet as if he is wearing slippers.
On this picture you can see my try at sculpting a hand, which took some attempts. I've sculpted my own, because I already got two office workers with chopped leg in their hands and 3 would be justtoo much. I had some ideas that I would chop the hand and then use that leg on some other zombie, which should look like somebody was grabbed by a zombie, if you know what I mean. I decided against it as the leg they hold in their hand is much smaller than other feet. The big boned fellow next to him was my first "conversion", steel pipe in a stomach, but i've sculpted a handle and now we can call it a knife.

I was also informed that my female militia with pistols pack arrive and will probably pick it tomorrow. When I do, I will make another unboxing review. I've decided I will show (all?) my minies first with raw review, talking about the package and sculpts themselves, and then another, more personaled review with some context explanation (something simillar to what i did in this post), once I get them painted.

Thanks for taking your time, and see you soon!


  1. looking good so far. I think your on about a 'Drip'

  2. Thank you, if that about the drip is a compliment, Brummie, haha :P

  3. Nice job on these. You're doing very well. I've done some simple greenstuff work and I know how hard it is.

  4. Thank you, and yes...I wanted to make a hood on the student's robe and I decided not to, don't want to mess it all. And also tried to make some shorts in long trousers, but that went bad, too. Will give it another try, just for the sake of differentiation and pracitce :)

  5. Sculpting isn't easy, is it? Even so, I wish you well in all your efforts.

  6. Thank you, if I sculpt enough zombies to use all the heads, I should get enough experience to sculpt all you guys in two years time, hah!

    And while Im writing, I went to get my girls pack I was writing about and the guy was a) 20 minutes late and b) not the one I talked to so he didnt find my minies and what I ended up with was me being 20 minutes late on my classes (not a hearbreaker, but I am really not that kind of guy) and will have to go there one other time, which is a survival adventure all in its own :D

  7. Good looking work so far, I've never attempted sculpting andcan't help you, but it looks like you're doing fine !

  8. Thank you Zabadak! Don't worry about advice, got plenty of theory...just need practice. I will probably make more of the armatures tonight and just start adding putty little by little until I can make them somewhat recognisable :)