15 Feb 2012

Bases arrived!

Hello again,

just a minor update for today. As I've said, starting this blog really started a fire for the hobby in me. I got one last exam for this semester in friday and as I can't really study (tired of it all, honestly), I am thinking much about the project.

Last friday, as I've also said before, I ordered a pack of 100 25mm slotta bases on e-bay. I wanted my figures to have the same basing, to make them look nice, so to say. I was thinking those 100 should last me at least a year, but now I started calculating...I'll need around 60 just for mantic and WGF zombies. If I order the packs I plan to order from Offensive miniatures (got some nice rioting mob there), I will pretty much run out of them before the summer, hehe. Ah well, will worry about that later. 

 Here is a picture of bases grouped by 5, when I was counting them. There were actually 101 bases in the pack. Probably a miscount, but a nice touch. Funny how a man can have  his day made by a piece of plastic :P.
and here is the storage I've came up with. Just a candy can. I saved 2 of those whne I was eating the candy a while ago. The other one has sand for basing in it. 
The bases themself are nothing special, but I've found out they are smooth on top, not grainy as the GW ones. Not a problem or anything really, they will (and would) get textured anyways.
What I would like to say is, bases came somewhat fast. As said, I've ordered them on friday, there they are with me on wednesday. That is ordinary shipping time from UK, but I was expecting them next week, because I got email from company, saying shipping should take 14-36 days. So, counting that in, those were really fast, hehe.

My zombies weren't sent yet, unfortunately. Still waiting for the items in my order that were out of stock.

During those days, I was also thinking much about the table and the terrain. I've read trough the campaign for DWA and I got scared by the ammount of terrain I'd have to make to really fit. But just for a little, then I've decided I will go with my plan, step by step and before you know it, I will have a little Mathyoown. Or Mathity, heh.

So, what progress I've made? First, the planning. I am still thinking of having 9 1'x1' tiles, which would provide me the most variety in the bases. I draw 1:10 plan and draw some roads on it. It didn't really work so what I did was this:

 I have cut some paper in roughly 1'x1' squares and I will use that as my "test table". I will probably draw the roads on it, just to see what works and what doesn't. I also went to DIY store and picked up some cork. The prices varied from 12-16 euros for what seemed to me as the same thing in two stores. I picked the cheap one, of course. Got 11 tiles, 3.2mm thick and I should produce some smaller buildings in next few days. I still got to think what I would want to base my buildigns on. Cork seems too thick, cardboard too thin.

The other problem is scale. I got absolutely no idea how big should I make those buildings. I want to add some limited interior, but don't want to make them too big. So I will have to find some nice measurments that make the building look good and playable. I can't have building for 1 family higher and bigger than row of tenements (Matakishi's plans) or even a factory halls. Any ideas here?

While I had camera running, I took few pictures of the dwarf you see on the top picture. That was made with no effort at all, I grabed a paper to make a white background, put macro mode on and got all the light from out of the window. Those are 2 of best pics. The first shows me the camera is obviously good enough, but I will have to turn on the desk lamp for some light.

That is it for today, will post again when I got either some buildings built or zombie horde arrives!


  1. Photos are my biggest bugbear. Sometimes I get it right often I don't If i had a proper workroom then perhaps I could rig something more permanent at the moment it depends on where i'm working at the time.

    Bases are great I much prefer the 25mm standard slottas. Only thing I found with the smoother 25mm bases Is sticking stuff to them as I use putty on the bases and it often takes a few attempts to get it to stick

    1. Heh, I know what you mean there. Will do my best once I come to it "for real" ;)

      You should try scratching the bases with some sand paper or knife. Something like this:


      Maybe a sand paper is a better choice, because how small the bases are.

  2. Dear gods scratch the clean bases with some sandpaper or just your hobby knife!!! I Have FOW as well and as you are in the middle of a game some of the troops goes AWOL from the base!!!

    I like your idea about starting with paper. It could work just fine. Think about getting hold of some black cardboard and you got your roads.

    One of my own buildings right now are made from LEGO, works nicely as you slowly expand the city.

  3. Check World Works Games for some good paper building models (both pictures and far sale if you want to try one out).

    For building scale, I've been using 3" for wall height, with a single door being 1" wide by 2" tall. The door seemed a little tall at first since I think the normal WWG doors are 1.5 inches, but once I added on the base and someone holding a chainsaw over their head the 2" worked out pretty well.

    Storage for paper buildings is the hard part depending on how you construct them.

    Keep up the progress!

  4. Once you start collecting figures, you'll be amazed at how quickly you go through slottabase, especially if the figures aren't supplied with them.Your 101 bases will not last long.

    Russ is right about building sizes but I'd recommend 1.5" for door heights or if you prefer, 4cm. I make my buildings out of thick card used for mounting photographs, hence its name of mounting card.

  5. Lord Siwoc, for FOW I simply cut X-es in the base. I used spackle for my US and then switched to kitty litter and sand for "stalingrad" germans, PVA seems to do the trick :)

    Hmm, thanks for suggestions, I think I will start with plain square buildings and move from there up.

    And no problem talking in inches, Bryan. I game in inches and google converts nicely, if I'd need it. Which reminds me, once I get up in the UK, I got to make sure I bring a ruler back home!

    Oh, btw, nice to see new face here, Russ :)

  6. Thanks for the welcome :)

    I'm just barley past where you are in the beginning stages of putting things together. I discovered/started lurking Vampi's site about 5 months ago, then after collecting parts and pieces finally started putting some things together about a month ago.

    I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun!