11 Feb 2012

So it begins...


I have introduced myself on the Board of the Living Lead, but to make it all on once place, I can just as well do it again. I am a senior student of Defense studies in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am 22 years old (but I will be having my birthday next month, if anyone feels like sending me a gift :P), which makes me somewhat young in the zombie blogging genre. I would like to say that as English is not my native language, feel free to fix my grammar and spelling from time to time (don't over do it, thought heh). Additionally, I think I should apologize now for all the words I will probably copy from other blogs, but hey, need to enrich my vocabulary, heh.

Ending the formalities, what is my blog about?
This blog will be used (according to the plan, at least!) for me to share my work regarding playing zombie apocalypse wargames. I would like to share the building of the unfortunate city where my gaming would take place, populating the city with painted miniatures and, of course, the gaming reports. My ultimate goal is to run an ATZ zombie outbreak campaign. But, of course, that will take time. And I think nothing will keep me going more than posting the progress here.

I talked to Bryan (Vampifan from Vampifan's World of the Undead ) about starting my Blog after I would get me something to show you, but I just couldn't wait, heh. Also, I would like to thank you, Bryan, once again firstly for the inspiration and information I found on your Blog and, secondly, for the kind words and all the other information you are giving me via the chat.

So, back to the zombie wargaming. I have seriously limited experiance in it. All I've played is some games of Zombie Plague with 1/72 german and US WWII miniatures. I figured I would start with the basics. Other than that, I have about a year of gaming experience with 15mm miniatures game, FOW. I figured I'd want to play something else, so, I ended up here, amongst the living lead (I looooove the change of dead for the lead, by the way, makes me giggle every time I visit the forums :P). Whats different? Well, scale. From 15 to 28mm. Company, I can play most of the zombie games myself. "Climate", so to say. From historical to "modern", but I plan on letting my imagination flow in. I really like how I can make this game totally "mine".

For starters, I will use the Dead walk again free rules, you can download from here . I will target my terrain modeling and miniatures purchase towards the campaign available for the game. Just so, that I won't be building things all over, but that I can have a clear goals.

The buildings will be built from cork, using the tips from Matakishi's Tea house. As mentioned, I am a student, so money is a bigger problem than time. Plus, I always wanted to build my own board. Sure, I lack the skill but well, practice could only help.
Don't get me wrong, printed terrain some of other blogers use looks awesome. It really does. It just isn't for me, I guess.

The other problem is the board itself. I was thinking of using aprox. 1x1 feet tiles, which would let me build modular tables with pre-marked sectors. I said aproximately because cork tiles come in form of precut 30x30 cm square, which is half centimetre shorter than 1x1 feet.

And lastly, the miniatures. I have ordered a pack of wargames factory zombies just yesterday. Also ordered something for FOW, which was out of stock, so it will take a while for me to get them. Plus I've ordered 100 25mm slottabases on E-bay, which will take 2 weeks + to arrive. I want to base all of my miniatures on the same bases, and 100 of them should be enough for a year or two, I believe. I choose WGF zombie horde to get me something somewhat cheap to learn to paint 28mm miniatures and to try myself at sculpting. I saw matakishi using extra arms and heads to sculpt extra zombies, and I wanted to do just that. My secret wish is a sculpt of myself. I dont dare to try do my girlfriend, god help me if I make her too skinny or too fat, hehe.

Oh, one last thing...about the Blog. The design is still in "the making", as I forgot how to deal with it, will add some perks eventually. Could anyone help me with the hit counter?


  1. sounds good and as everyone knows I'm English and often miss out words and stuff in my posts! Blogs are great and comments always help to spur you onto get things done and finished. Thanks to Vampifan I probably wouldn't have based half my figures like I have now. Still need to go back and do a few

  2. Heh, yes, I've noticed Vampifan plays at least the tiny part in everyone's beginings :D

    And thank you for the comment. Now, as you hold the honor of being my first follower, I will use your blog to test the blogroll and other things I have to test to make the blog cosier :P

  3. Congratulations, Mathyoo, on taking the plunge and launching your blog... much earlier than I expected I have to admit, but I can understand your enthusiasm to get started as soon as possible.

    You asked us to point out any spelling mistakes you make and alas, I must tell you there is a glaring one in your blog title. It should be "millimetres" with a double L not a single L. It is a great blog name. I was going to tell you how to add a hit counter but I see you have one installed already. Cool!

    I wish you the best of luck with your blog.

  4. Oh, eagle eyes! Thank you for this one. I can live with mistake now and then in my comments and posts, but at least a title should be written properly!

    And thanks yet again :D

  5. It all starts with a single dead.....Twitching......

    I wish you the best of luck mate. Just remember one thing: Do this hobby for the fun of it! That is a good way of keeping it alive!

  6. Thank you!
    And will do. I changed my mind about starting it once (that keeps happening to me), but I found myself lurking around the zombie blogs all the time, so I figured, well, its a hobby for a life time :)

  7. Welcome to the world of Zombie wargaming and good luck with your blog, I too am a newcomer to itall and I'm a veteran of two blog posts !
    Bryan/Vampifan does indeed seem to be behind all Zombie-related things,but its just part of his plan for world domination.
    Don't worry about your "English", we from the North of the country also struggle with it !