12 Feb 2012

1/43ish cars

Hello again guys!

Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who took the time to check the blog and especially to those, who decided to follow my blog and commment it.
I decided yesterday, that I should take one step further in preparations of my zombie scene. I was thinking about posting my plans for table layouts, but that can wait, I found something better!

Two days back, I saw what it means to be a zombie gamer, my girl and I went in some 3 - 4 different stores to buy some grocery and the like. I, as a grown man, have made sure I went to check on the toys. I have found this GREAT yellow US school bus, but I am not ready to spend 15 euros on one just yet. I also foudn even better bus, but that one cost 20. I can't remember the term, but it had that flexible middle. Some city buses are so long, it would be impossible to drive them on the streets, if they wouldn't be made of 2 parts, connected by "accordion". I also found out most of the cars cost from 3-5 euros per piece, so I really hope I can find something juicy in the poundland when I'll visit the London next month. Which reminds me, any native knows a must-see for a first timer? I have dungeons, Tower and probably a London eye on the list + various museums.

I drifted away again...however, today, I figured I surely have some aprox 1/50 scale cars at home, I was young once after all. And so were my 2 brothers and a sister, heh. So, what I did was I made a quick search around the house and I found those 15 cars that might be useful:
 I have put them in 3 rows. Bottom two are 1/43 scale (has it written on the bottom of the car), and on top row, Land rover defender (which happened to be my dream car until I understood the meaning of the price for it and the oil it burns, hehe) has written that it is 1/47 scale, which, I think is what 28mm are. The rest 4 have no written scale, but they seem to fit.  I  have some beastmen, a dwarf and a goblin for scale. Sorry guys, can't do better until I get my WGF Zombies :).

So, what do we have?
There is clio from "Pošta Slovenije" (Slovenian post) - clio is built in Slovenia, so they're pretty common here. Next to it is Lamborghini Diablo, my "wow" car when I was a kid. Plus it was purple, which I like, my most-used car in the pile. Third is Peugeot 205 turbo16 (so it says, I am not a car expert), which, obviously felt as a victim of my moddeling inspiration, whne I was a kid. Its grainy texture is still good enough for a burnt wrecks, I guess. I hope to find the time and interest in painting them all, which, I imagine, would fit the cars better in the hand painted scenery. Next to it are Ford escort RS and Jeep CJ 7 (missing a tire), again, both in pretty bad condition. But the ford could still be great if it gets a nice paint job. I probably wont use the jeep. In second row we have Fiat cinquecento, which would definately be "my car" in a campaign. I drive old citroen AX, and that is as close as it gets.  Then, in the same row we got ford focus, another ford escort RS (this time with a broken windshield which just calls for a victim),  Porche 959 and yet another Ford escort RS. When I was taking a picture, I haven't noticed I got 3 of the same. The problem I see with this cars is, that most of them are pretty sporty. Surely I see a ferrarri or lamborghini on the roads now and then, but Diablo and Porche, at the same time? Somewhat rare. Well, anyways...in the top row there is Land rover Defender, I've mentioned before. I think I will paint him blue for my "SWAT" teams. Next is some police car, missing the lights, old VW Beetle. I think it used to be a fire brigade's car, with a blue light on top. In one of my other attacks of creativity I've painted it with edigs and filled the hole with some paper. 14 indicates its racing number by my brithday, 14th of march. Then we got towing vehicle with "POLICE" labels, which is kinda funny, and an UNIMOG truck. Both of them could find a place on table as the service vehicles. Not sure what the UNIMG's role would be, it looks like a winter vehicle (for sprinkling the sand or salt on the roads), but oh well, if dead can walk again, why can't a man drive winter vehicle in the summer, right?

Here is a better picture of 1/47 and 1/43 car side by side. Land rover fits perfectly with a beastmen I think is the best representation of a standard human (30mm from base to end of the head).  1/43 cars seem a bit off, but I think those are way easier to obtain, so this will work.

Let that be it for today, in few days I will probably write another post about planned purchases for populating the unlucky city, which I will later use as a reference or a shopping list.


  1. That's a nice collection of vehicles you have there, Mathyoo. Scalewise, they'll fit in well with 28mm scale figures. If a few are a bit too big or too small, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd be surprised if any one notices and if they do, why would they care? I look forward to seeing what you do with the wrecked cars. Fire damage and rusting are always good options.

  2. Great start to your vehicle collection, keep a look-out for car bargains in your shops.

  3. Indeed your scavenge has turned out well. It doesn't really matter as long as they 'look' right

  4. Bryan, I will make sure to post the progress once I get there, hehe. But there are few other things I have to paint first, for FOW. For wreckage, I was thinking just some blacks and greys, and maybe towering smoke made of clump foliage.

    Will do Zabadak, I figured if I buy one every now and then, I will end with too many by the end of the year. If there can be too many >:D

    And I agree Brummie. I couldn't believe I didnt think of it earlier...I figure I'd need at least as many to make a chokepoint that should happen after the outbreak :)

  5. I think 28mm/30mm (depending on where you start to measure, I got caught up reading a long forum post about it somewhere that I wish I could remember to link to) is supposed to roughly equate to 1/54 scale. Since you generally don't want your people towering over your vehicles, 1/48 turns out to be the next best thing:)

    You can also find a lot of aircraft models in 1/48 scale. You never know when that rescue helicopter might actually make an appearance.

    With that said, it's still best to go with Brummie's advice and stick to what "looks" right.