24 Feb 2012

Wargames Factory Zombie horde - unboxing

Hello again!

Today my WGF Zombie horde has finally arrived.

I ordered bag of 24 zombies (so it said) and got a box of 30. This looks like the new size of packs. Here is a picture of the front side of the box:
Nothing special here, the miniatures on the picture are superbly painted.
What I've noticed right aways (total coincidence) was misspelled word on the side of the box "prats" instead of parts. Nothing that would make me refuse to buy this product, but looks kinda funny. The sides are full of text. On one side, there are assembly instructions, on other is a text about what kind of glue to use, pretty good for beginners.
I like the thank-you line they've written on the back of the box:
I couldnt find the point, by the way. Except if by that they mean some circle Wargames santard scale "coin".

Well, to the miniatures!
Zombies come in 3-4 parts (head, right arm and then body in one or two pieces). There are 2 extra hands and 3 extra heads, I plan to use those to practice a bit of sculpting. Hopefuly it won't stay just at the plan, but when I saw how small this is, I started wondering how I am going to paint that, let alone sculpt!
Each sprue has enough parts for 6 Zed, you get 5 sprues, which gives you 30 of them.
Here are the pics of 1 sprue (again, sprues are all the same):

And turned around:
The only body of the 6 that comes in one piece is the one with coat, which makes all the sense. Keep in mind, it is possible to swap torsos and legs all you wish, but I found out, some fit better than others. I wanted to make a soldier with shirt and "combat legs", but had to swap legs. New legs fit shirt better and "overweight torso" got the "combat legs". You can see first (and only) 6 zeds I've assembled today here:
You can see the details are somewhat missing. I am sorry that I used that bald head on the guy with 3 legs ( wink), because mouth are...missing in a way. Maybe a coat of primer will pop them out. I mean, I am in my twenties, nothing wrong with my eyes, but I hardly see the detail. You can also see how bad some of them fit, but that might be my problem. Will use some greenstuff once I assemble them all and will see what I can fix...and chop...I feel strong urge to cut some of the left arms and reposition them.

Sadly I have to go and can't go in more details. I will make review of them once I get them painted (which I will do once I get the paints, heh). My primary goal of this post was to show you some raw pictures, as I had big problems finding them myself.

They are not the best quality, especially legs are somewhat big. And feet...the one that has no shoes could have flippers painted instead of feet. But then again, that is 30 Zeds for around 15 pounds, which makes it okay. And I think that is best start of a modern zombie horde, if you want modern zombies out of the box. I will also buy mantic zombies and my horde will grow to 60 in no time! but I plan on modernising those, as they were sculpted for Fantasy.

Well, I hope somebody will find that useful in future, now I got to run again. I might just add, that now that I got actual zombies on my blog, I've decided that I fulfill the criteria for zombie blogger and I've finally add the cool picture you can see on the left. Nicely done, Patient Zero!


  1. sounds good. I don't think its your eyes I've heard from a lot of people that these aren't the most detailed of figures. They will be good to fill out the horde though. I plant to get some for use in game but for taking photos use metal sculpts which are better.

  2. They are horde material, not showcase material. Indeed as Brummie says, when you need photos in a battlereport the best would be the meatl zombies. (Sounded like a heavy metal band from 1982 hehe)

  3. I'm not very impressed by these figures. Yes, I do have them in my collection but I didn't make all of the figures that I got. They are severely lacking in detail, although that can be overcome if you're a really good painter.

    Brummie and Lord Siwoc are right in that these are useful in filling out a horde. They are cheap and that can be a major factor if you're gaming on a budget. I look forward to seeing how you paint them.

  4. Nice review. The detail on these minis is very soft, in some places almost missing. They don't fit too well together, the price is good and they help bring up numbers.

  5. I totally agree, and that is what I was trying to show with my review. I plan to buy some studio miniatures and Cold war miniatures zombies eventually, but as I got no miniatures and no paining experience on 28mm, those are just too good to pass. I really wouldn't want to try all the painting tehniques on a 2-3 pound minie, if I can do it on a horde of 50 pence ones, heh.

    Hopefuly the paints arrive soon, I had the odd luck of buying some sculpting tools that are out of supply at supplier, so that will take a while. But then again, still got whole city to build!