1 Nov 2012

MDF sci-fi urban terrain


a short commercialized post today.

Two of my wargaming buddies are students of architecture, which proved much more useful in the hobby than my defense studies. I guess I should write some rules for something, lol. Back to the topic, using their knowledge of some cool (3D) drawing programs, they have designed plans for buildings and walls. Mainly for Infinity, as this is what they play, but could work for any 28mm sci-fi setting.  Great guy as I am, I've figured I'd post it here.

Below I've posted some pictures, but you can see more here. On the pictures are three sets of terrain. Two houses and 1st level walkways terrain and a set of walls. Walls will be redone and are not ready for production, while houses are as they are. The terrain is modular, windows can be left on or you can take them out to have the holes (you can see both options on the buildings). You get small and large house, which can be put one on top of another to make a two - story building, or you can have them each for itself. I've also overheard that higher walkways will be added, so you could have one above other. I only know the purchase price for now, but if anyone is interested, let me know and I can pass the information.

The pictures:
 Above you can see the whole setup. You can see the walls, walkways and two buildings. One in 2-story set up and other separated.
 Close up on lower walls. Note the doors in the wall to the right.
Here is a close up on the building. Here you can see what I meant with those windows. You can have "shades down" or an open hole.

EDIT april 2013: Terrainmakers are available at http://www.systemagaming.com/

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  1. Very neat. I like tehm alot.

  2. Those are some great buildings! It's always good to have friends with certain connections! hehe

  3. I do like the look of them, Mathyoo.

  4. Very nice setup for all sorts of different gaming periods.

  5. Thanks guys, I'll pass the encouragements!

    If anyone thinks they could use some of those, please feel free to contact me and I'll connect you.

  6. I'd love to know more about these! I've been looking at several mdf buildings and most are cool, but overpriced and only made overseas. These look Awesome!

  7. i would love to get some of this stuff. could you let me know the prices and where to order them?

  8. Hello guys, thanks for interest! I will ask around if they're selling internationally already, but you could expect to be around 50 euros for walkways and houses if I remember correctly, but thats really only a rough estimate.

  9. Is there any way they might be willing to sell their templates, not the final products?

    1. I'll ask when I see them, but can't say anything for sure myself. Thanks for interest!

  10. Hey guys, the webpage is now on and can be seen here: