6 Nov 2012

Welcome to...

 In april (I know, I know), I was asking my followers to help me pick a name for the zombie infected city. It took me that long to post a decision because I wanted to have the city painted, but now that I've realized it would take even longer, I've quickly made the sign so I can say I've finished something!

The chosen name was suggested by Joe, known as Zabadak!

Evergreen Fields is a pleasant little town, known by the fresh air, forests and friendly, suburban atmosphere. Where people are nice and live their lives without any worries...or at least they did, before the DEAD STARTED WALKING THE EARTH!!!

Very slowly, I will be working towards start of my campaign. For those unaware, I will be used Iron Ivan Game' No more room in Hell rules, with some tweaks. I already got first mission all planned, but need to make some things before I can proceed. It will most certainly take a lot of time, but when I'm there, you'll be first to know!



  1. Congrats to Joe on winning your competition. Taking your time on your new campaign is sound advice. It is better to work slowly and get everything prepared properly than rushing in at half-cock. Look at it as a marathon rather than a sprint race. The more prep work you can do the bigger your reward will be. Above all, have fun!

  2. Great choice IMO

    (I don't think it was a competition though)

  3. The name contrasts nicely with the horror of a Zombie-apocalypse. A very good choice in my opinion.

  4. He, he, he, what a cute name. I can't remember that comp! Oh well silly me!

  5. @Bryan Don't think I will manage to get it ALL prepared, but at least painted miniatures and buildings would be nice before I start the campaign!

    @Joe I'm glad we agree! As for being it a competition, does it matter? ;)

    @Clint Thanks! I like the contrast it represents as well. It perfectly suits a nice holiday resort town, with few locals...and perhaps a secret military laboratory where everything has started?

    @Bob No wonders, as it is more than half a year back since I've been asking for the name...shame on me! Here you can see the post and the rest of the suggestions (that Ill probably use in one way or another in my games!):