20 Jul 2012



today, I've got some pictures of the (satin! :( ) zeds I was talking about.

They're, again, nothing special, another 6 of WGF zombies. They're a rush job, actually, I'm using washes on them more and more. I didn't even bother with painting bare chest of the "corporate" one. Not too proud of them, to be honest. Well, they're fillers and here they are:

 The one in a red robe is supposed to be in slippers, he has just waken up, put a bathing robe over his pajamas and went to check his COOL NEW BLUEBERRY PHONE (no, that is not kind of phone I use. My is (by sheer luck) recylced and worh 1 euro and a year of subscription, I really don't need anything more than ability to call and send messages around). Well, he obviosuly got bitten and now he stares at his phone, not knowing what the thing is about. He's a zombie, after all! And no, I am not satisfied with his red, I should use some other color.

Below are some close up pics on the tattoo from the guy I've shown last time.  I took some shots with old couple from the Hasslefree, to show off brand new 20mm bases I've got from Carl. I've also got some bigger bases for my monsters and some ball bearings for the sculpts. He kindly added few extras and today I feel special again! :P 

Well, I got lost again...here are the pics:

As you can see, there is really no art in it. I've just drawn some lines with "german grey" mixed with base colour for skin, and then used skin colour again to "fix it". Up close it looks like a blob it is, but from further away, I think it looks like a tattoo would look from that distance. I was planning on doing one little motive, but figured whole tattooed arm would look a bit cooler, to add to the contrast a bit.

I've also taken pictures of some pillars I'm making for Strange Aeons and a progress on Shantak (well, more like "progress", all I've done is cut his legs, replace them and sanded his wings), but I've figured I should seriously make my posts a bit more thematic and more frequent instead of posting once a week and just throwing bunch of things in the posts.

Well, let that then be it for today,



  1. I like the Tattoos. I must admit I can't paint them!

  2. Tattoos look good from a distance, and really, that's all that counts. Nice one, Mathyoo!

  3. Thanks for the better pics of the tattoo. I really like the way you blended the "ink" in with the skin to make it look like an older, faded. real tattoo.

  4. Good work on the tats!

    More zombie goodness for the horde!

  5. Indeed more fodder for the horde, Tattoos look great mate, pics always don't do the paintjobs justice

  6. Thanks guys!
    I am working on some simple sculpts now, to be shown in few days!