14 Jul 2012

TAG Deltas in civilian clothes


I am a bit "late" with my post, but the good thing is, I got "my" camera back. And few litres of desert sand for the figures, lol.

I haven't been idle while this week at all. I got some more zombies painted (will show them next time, I can't give you guys everything at once :P), I am moddeling some FOW minefield counters and I am curretnly painting 2 of 4 Brummbar assault tanks. Those are last miniatures for FOW that have remained unpainted and I am pretty sure haven't seen a game yet. I ordered them because I've needed them on a torunament, but they came late, so my friend borrowed me his. When I got them, plastic parts really killed my joy and I've put them together and primed them. Then new edition came and brummbars are not as useful as they were (which is, to be honest, good, because now they can't be used to hunt tanks, which wasn't their historical role anyways). I'll surely put them in my next army, just so I get a go with them. I really, really need to play FOW more again. And painting those is a hope to get me in.

Well, my interest in zombie wargaming is not as stagnant, I've painted those two TAG's Delta operatives in civilian clothes:

The guy on the left is THE most characterful figure I own, imo. He's really awesome. Its hard to see on that photo, but I've covered his left arm in tattooes. Its nothing more but a bit of german grey (that I lately use instead of black, it just feels better), mixed with flesh tone, just slapped on without any real pattern, then I've patched it a bit with skin base colour, washed, and did skin as I usualy do it. That dulled the tatto and I think it made it a bit more realistic. The other guy is nothing special, compared to him, lol. Theyre both nice, I really enjoyed painting them, but there is one problem....my 60ml (!) bottle of vallejo matte varnish is somewhat "satin". You know, glossy, but not gloss. And I hate it. Seriously, the 17mm bottle was fine, but this annoys me way to much. I'll shake the bottle next time, to see if the problem gets fixed. I am by no means a perfectionist, but that really annoys me. If I'd want satin, I'd get myself satin -.-.

Sculpting wise, Im making some little progress with the bodies. I'll speed it up and call them done pretty fast. I am not satisfied with them, but well, they're supposed to be crappy as those are my first TRULY finished miniatures. But let that be a topic for another post.

The interesting fact: First to comment will post 400th comment on this blog! Thanks for that, too!



  1. Do I get the 400th comment?!?! Really nice paint work on those two minis. Can't wait to see the sculpting and the other paining progress!

  2. All good progress mate tops stuff! I like the tattooed guy myself. I love his pose

  3. I like those Deltas a lot. You take a close-up pic of the tattoo.

  4. Those two TAG Deltas look real hard asses! They look like they'd fit in well with the cast of "the Expendables."

  5. @Carl Well, it seems you do! :D
    Thank you, went for the sandi pallete with those two, seemed the right thing to do. I'll try to work some more on the sculpts and show them as soon as they get done!

    @Brummie Thanks! I agree, he's pretty laid back :D

    @Joe Thank you. Will get a better pic next time, I only reminded about that when I've posted the article -.-

    @Vampifan Haha, something along that lines, indeed!

    @Zabadak Thank you!

  6. Great work, Mathyoo. I like these figures a lot. Great character and good paint job.

  7. Nice Mathyoo, the colour choices work well for Civ clothes

  8. @Ironmonk Thanks!

    @Extraordinarii Thank you, too ;). I agree, but I'd really have to try myself at some jeans, I guess those are always popular, hehe