16 Jul 2012



I got dragged down a black hole that wargaming produces to trap poor souls (again)!

...last few days my little brother and I playtested the test version of Strane Aeons (that you can try yourself by clicking here)

The ruleset is pretty simple, game is skirmish oriented (but don't be fooled about how you only need 3-5 miniatures per side, it gets costly if you want every single bad guy out there, lol), games can easily be played at home with table being just 2x3 feet. Plus the games are obviously short, then, which is good as my little brother runs out of interest fast, lol.

I wanted to get in the game even before I joined the zombies gamers and I've just crossed my rule about "not starting anything new before you run a NMRIH campaign". I really tried to hold back, but just couldn't do it. Again, the price is quite high, I ordered a main rulebook and an expansion, Morbid adventures. I figured I might as well buy them boght while I'm at it.

This means my blog will branch out a little more, but I will keep it a "horror wargaming blog" nontheless. I will proxy my first few games with my zombie miniatures and I will still paint what I got to paint before I...err..I'll try to paint what I got to paint before I buy anything for SA. The part I see most fun, however, is that I will be able to sculpt some more monster and actually use them in the game, which should give me a bit of a drive to finally finish my shantak (which will end up waaay to small :( ) and start some new ones, namely a night gaunt and a shoggot or other formelss demon and a hound of tindalos. I got quite few ideas, especially for the hound, but sadly, those never come out as planned.

Further blog related, I've played with a design a bit more, still going for a "scap book" look, but I've ditched the font, because I found it (albeit very nice) too hard to read. Also took my time to find a better background. What do you guys think?

Well, thats actually all I had to say. I'm getting some bases and ball bearings from Carl at Grekwood miniatures, which I will use for my little sculpts, I've painted 2 of the brummbars I was talking about and I've managed to try my matte varnish spray on them, soaked one.

Because blog post without a picture looks silly and nobody  bother reading it, here is a nice picture of Wilbur's twin brother, the Dunwich horror:

See you in few days with some real pictures,


  1. Ah, the distractions are sometimes too much to take. I often eye up Sci Fi rules, or modern combat as well. And some day, I do plan on giving a ruleset of that type a whirl, but I'm waiting until I actually play some zombie campaign first.
    Good luck with the new focus.

  2. Ha Ha Your as bad as me! I like the look of strange Aeons as well. I may flit to it at some point but EotD is still strong with me at the moment

  3. Horror blogging is cool in my book as well mate!

    And zombies can appear everywhere!!!

    I know the distress of.....Oh look a butterfly!!!

  4. Strange Eons sounds like a cool game. I know how easy it is to get into another project, too. I'll be watching to see how it goes.

  5. Hahaha Mathyoo, what can I say but we have all been there and done that, new projects is what keeps us going !

  6. To be honest Mathyoo, I'm glad you ditched the font - it had me squinting to be able to read it! I tried running 2 blogs - one for zombie games and one for other games, but couldn't do it, so now I just have the one 'everything' blog - so worry not!

    You should check out Shelldrake's blog for Strange Aeons - he forced me to buy a copy at Salute this year ... and I haven't played it yet, so you're one up on me!

  7. Oh dear these things happen.

  8. I like the new look! :) Just thinking, you should get your parcel soon..hopefully!

  9. @Adam Don't get me started, hehe, I'd also like to convert and paint up a WW1 german bombing party from 1914, play chechen war and something dracula related, lol. Thank you, and I hope you'll be able to stick to your plan, hehe!

    @Brummie I've decided it over EOTD because of the monsters monstly, and I really only hear good things about the campaign play. In those (almost) two years that Im gamer, I keep finding out I enjoy small skirmish campaign plays the most.

    @Lord Siwoc Exactly! :O

    @Joe I will post an AAR now and then, but mostly its still time to paint all the zombies for NMRIH project frist!

    @The Extraordinarii I'll never forget how I started out with one little order for FOW "and that'll be it" :P

    @Cmnash Yes, I really liked the "handwriting" part of it, but it wasn't the best choice for longer texts. I actually prefer this, "typewriter" one.

    I've sniffed all over his blog, hehe. His blog is not helpful, when one wants to limit the number of his projects, eh? :D

    @Irqan All the time. Must...be...strong!

    @Carl Thanks! I really hope it will be with me by tomorrow, but should be in friday the lastest, I think.

    @Zabadak I agree, but I'd lie if I'd say I am not enthusiastic about it, hehe!

  10. I agree I do like small skirmish campaign's I quite like the fishmen and fishmen hybrids to

    1. Interesting, because those are my favorite, too! :P