10 Jun 2012

Wire fencing

I  have an exam tomorrow morning. It is know as a hard one, so I shouldn't have left the books last week, and especially this weekend. But well, I wouldn't be a student, if I'd did it, so instead, I felt an urge to a) do what I've shown in the previous post and b) finish my fences. I've cut plasticard before I left in May, and I never really felt a need to make them just yet....until yesterday evening. I should state, that I REALLY tried to study, but nothing goes in. I am simply too exhausted from May. Sure it was a week since I came home, but I don't know, it takes time, I guess. So, I kept reading since wednesday, but damn facts just don't get in my head. I also listened to band of your youth, the Sex pistols, so "we don't careeee". I'll worry about that tomorrow, hehe. Let me quit complaining before I come to politics and enjoy few pictures of my day-worthy work:

Ladies (still not sure, any ladies around? :) ) and gentlemen, I present you no less than 1 meter of wire fencing:

Idea is taken from Lucky Joe's, before anyone will admire my ingenuity!

Below, they're on my table. There are 3 pieces, 15 cm long, 5 10 cm long and 1 five. I've cut plasticard a while ago, the rest was done yesterday and today.

The poles are made of skewers, which are basically longer and thicker toothpicks. So, I've cut the poles, around 6 cm long, super glued them to plasticard (some of them more than once, but I don't have such a thick drill). Then I've applied white glue, put them in sand (twice), painted the bases, painted the poles (one coat of red to make them look old ;) ), cut the fences, washed the fences with dilluted black paint, quickly dried them with a tissue. Glued the fences on, voila. They will get a coat of varnish tomorrow.

There is not much I could say about the fences. I made some variety, above you can see a hole in one and the 5cm one. It was spare, more or less, so I just made it ripped.

Below, there is a nice atmospheric picture of Grom bravely running for the hole in the fence, while being followed by the undead. Two of the girls provide some covering fire and third just looks nice.

Well, thats it for today, I'll go check my papers a little bit now. If things go as they should, next report should follow as soon as tomorrow or on tuesday, featuring a review of something!

Thanks for looking,


  1. They look really effective mate. Now get studying!

    Best of luck on the exam

  2. Yes. They look ace. Get a good nights sleep, have a good breakfast, scan your notes, relax and get in there. Most important! RTFQ. Read the fucking question! Good luck mate.h

  3. Fences look very good. I like the idea of cutting holes in one. that adds a touch of realism to them.

    Good advice from Irqan regarding your exams. I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow.

  4. They look good to me, and I need some fences for my city as well. I shall also use this idea from Lucky Joe.

  5. Good looking fences there mathyoo.

  6. You did a great job on those fences. They put mine to shame. I can't really take credit for them, I think I got the idea from Shelldrake a few years ago. So, the Zombie blogger circle of life continues. :) Good luck tomorrow on the test.

  7. Well done mate!

    I may have to do some fence as well and this seem to be the way to do it.

  8. Nice work on the fences! I recently recorded a guitar song by the sex pistols! hehe Also, what are you studying?! Good luck with your exam :)

  9. Thanks guys, wishes seem to work. It didn't seem too hard, but I guess the grade depends on how mr. Phd will be satisfied. I can't memorise things as they are in the books, but I can talk nonsense whole day long :P

    Heh Joe, I thought so! But still, I got them from you ;)

    Carl, this certain exam was "Security in international relations", but otherwise I study Defense studies on Faculty of social science in Ljubljana. Sounds cool and that about all. We're full of officers in army and the civilian structure is not employing in these times, so I'll just be a sculptor, now that I can see it works :P

  10. Great work on the fences sir! how about some barbed wire on top? ;)

    1. Thanks! I was afraid i might run out, so I didn't even try putting it on. Will save it for barbed wire defenses, or something. If my package comes any time soon, it is defenses building for this week!