26 Jun 2012

A short update


As far as the hobby goes, I am currently working on:

- some bodies
- some body bags
- some zombie conversions (just modifiying the WGF and Mantic zeds a bit)
- some survivors conversions (I have converted two TAG miniatures and changed them in 2 of the main stars for my campaign!)
- painting more zeds!

I've also sculpted some sandbag walls from air drying clay, nothing spectacular but it gets the job done.

And non-zombie-horror-related, but still horror related, I've figured sculpting people is somewhat hard and I am now trying myslef at one of the Cthulhu mythos monsters.

So...this all sounds great and all, but there are, unfortunately, no pictures. And there will be none for next 3 weeks as my parents took the camera on their vacation. I will try taking some with my cell phone, but I'm not really...hmm...used to using that camera. And cable connection to PC is all weird. Well, got pictures off the phone once, might as well do it again!

Cheers until the next time,



  1. Just keep plugging at it. Better to get a lot of little projects done. It gives you a sense of progress.

  2. Those sound like some great projects. I'm especially interested in the body bags. I'd like to see what and how you did them.

  3. No pics....It did not happen.....


  4. You sound like a busy man! I just hope that your finish to start ratio is better than mine ...

    Looking forward to seeing pics whenever you can get them onto the blog!

  5. No Pics No Glory!

    I'm Interested to see what your doing Cthulhu wise.

  6. @Fred at the moment, it gives me a sense of no progress as everything is started, but nothing finished :P. Slowly... :D

    @Joe I got the "plain" one finished, but thats just a blob of putty and a zip, I'll work on them a bit and try to get pics on :)

    @Siwoc You keep bullying, I'll show you what I've made for you! :D

    @Cmnash Eh, so much other important things to do, its best to just stick with the hobby ;)

    @Brummie its supposed to be shantak, got the armature done, but I am now reluctant to go and make scales :P

    1. Shantak sounds good. You planning on doing some Strange Aeons type stuff then? or is this just for fun?

    2. Its mostly SA. I heard about the game few months back but got put off because it is so expensive to get. Now Im back in the saddle, lol. Almost decided to order 50 euros worth of rulebook and expanison book, but then I've reminded myself yet again, I won't buy anything new before I start my damned zombie campaign...except maybe some of the Copplestone's gangsters and such, as I'll be getting my vampifan...but thats just investment in the future :D

  7. I look forward to seeing the monsters you sculpt!! Good luck with all the things you are working on, I'm sure they'll keep you super busy!

    1. Thanks! Currently Im too busy to write my diploma, but thats bad :P

    2. Haha you should write your diploma! Then when it's out of the way you can sculpt sculpt sculpt!! :D

    3. I should :P. The thing is, I've read 5 books on the topic, all just copying each other and then had some exams and other school related things to do, and now my interest vanished. Got 1 page and a third today, so I am making some progress! :D