9 Jun 2012

Even more work in progress...

 What I got for you today, is whole lot of something, but actually nothing. It is some work in progress, most of it was done since my last update, but there are some little bits that were done long before that.

On the picture below, you got most of the sculpting. I've also converted some more zombies, but that can be reviewed once I paint them. I tried myself at sculpting slovenian army's webbing. It turned out roughly okay, but well, it was a rush job.

That don't matter, however, because I don't have a photo of him. Here are some WIP body bags, bodies, little conversion of the spare "armoured Ken" I have (this one had his rifle broken, so I got a new one, didnt want this one to just be useless so I tried myself at sculpting FN F2000S rifle...WIP :P). Oh and there, in top right corner are some little garbage bags made of left overs. I've noticed the little one is turned wrong, I've took some other pictures with it placed right, but strangely, those were all blurry.
A close up on Ken and body bags. Rifle was a hard work, I had to chop magazine off, shorten it as much as I could and put some GS on it just to make it look like a lot of effort. I tried the same thing on the back side, but it turned out worse. I have no idea how I am going to sculpt a red dot.
Body bags are pretty simple concept, one is empty and the other is not. The second one was too thin and I've put some extra putty on it. I was using miliput and I couldn't blend soft on soft, so I will just wait for it to cure and sand it some time later. I have few ideas with some living dead in them, like hand stucking out, visible head etc.
 A close up on bodies this time. They are few months old, what I did was just bulky them out a bit. I think next stage should be greenstuff now, as I find miliput hard to work with for any detailed work.
 And last of the group, the garbage bags. Nothing spectacular, I've followed this tutorial. If you compare mine to his, I didn't really get the point, but oh well, who'll notice if I just put some on a corner of a building, eh?
 ...talking about buildings, I've started painting mine. I bough a set of 8 paints and this is where I am so far:
 The little buildings are going to...err...I plan them to be bright. I will paint blue with lighter shade and I will just paint green again and again until black below is covered. I may also suggest that if you are going to paint your buildings any time soon, seriously consider buying a spray paint. My undercoat is black paint, painted by hand. It takes about 3 coats to cover the cork. That being said, check the green building. Consider a lighter undercoat, or at least base colour after the black.
 The big building is failed. I wanted to go with earthy tones, used "terracota" and when I've painted first 2 layers, I figured I want my roofs too look like that. So I started adding some yelow to brighten it up. I will also wash roofs with dilluted black paint to get them a bit darker.

I will keep working on the buildings exterior, and will move to interior walls once I've got them all painted, probably. Just so, to avoid looking at natural cork on my table.

Thanks for looking,


  1. It is, as you say, all work in progress. The operative word is "progress." Keep it up, Mathyoo. You're getting there, slowly but surely.

  2. Yes, things are coming a long nicely. I admire your patience in sculpting, I just can't get anywhere with that myself. Your buildings look nice too, and I'm sure they'll be great when you're done.

  3. Not bad at all.....

    Bodybags.....I need some of them...Nice idea all around.

    And good luck with the houses.

    (Concerning converting miniatures....I think you will be pleased when you get my little gift)

    1. GZG do body bags if you are looking for some.


    2. No image. And how many in the pack?

  4. I am jealous of your sculpting skills, you're doing great stuff.
    I'd try some simple lintels, door frames and window-ledges on your buildings too - it'll really finish them off, they are looking good so far though.

  5. You have done a good job here. Keep at it.

  6. Hey cool work so far, those buildings are awesome too :) I quite like milliput (it's the yellow bits on my sculpts), but it could be a different type?

  7. @Vampifan, the good thing is, I can just switch around from painting, pass modelling to sculpting and I am still making a zombie related progress, hehe

    @Adam, thanks. Can't say much about sculpting, I just feel good thinking I'd play with something I made :)

    @Siwoc I knew there must be someone who needs them! :P I can always count on you, haha. If they turn out good enough for use, I'll try to get a hold of some resin and rubber and we'll cast some! And now you got me nervous, I think we had a deal for dices! :P Thanks again :D

    @Zabadak Yes, I was thinking about making doors, even found some plans...it would probably be worth the effort in the end. Will think about it once I get them painted, if no sooner!

    @Fred Thanks! Got exam on monday, so I all in hobby suddenly haha

    @Rovanit Hey, welcome! It is probably the same thing, miliput, gray and yellow, gets yellow. I saw you are using it. My problem is, it is not holding together enough, it is not elastic enough, so to say. It is kinda dusty, too. So when I use water, i can actually rub it off. Maybe I am mixing wrong proportions? (50:50)
    It is good for simple and bigger stuff, but I can't see me sculpt, say, a rifle with it. Or anytihng more detailed than a blob.

    1. I use 50:50 of it too. I make some, leave it for a couple of minutes, then apply a small bit, and (this'll sound gross) lick the tool I'm sculpting with, which helps smooth the miliput out really nice. It's not elastic like green stuff or procreate, but it's great (I find) for making things smoother, or smoothing some bumps out :)

    2. Well, I put my tools in water most of the time, but no need to be shy, I lick now and then. And I even tried with greese from my forhead or nose, lol. I think you're right, If I'd sand it, it would probably produce a smoother finish than green stuff because it is not so elastic.


  8. Great progress Mathyoo and things are certainly coming along nicely. I like your F2000 and look forward to seeing it completed. The buildings look good I'm sure once they are dirtied up a little they will fit in well.

    I too struggle with milliput Its ok for big stuff (I use it for my basing) but detail work I find it fiddle and frustrating. I really must get some greenstuff and give it a go

    1. Thanks! I'll post pics once I get across to finishing it. It will probably be a side project for exess putty. And I need a thinner drill so I can make a new barrel :P

      I was thinking about using miliput for my basing, too, but then decided to go with sand, makes it much easier for all the zeds. Will use miliput for other projects, with less minis for sure.

      Greenstuff is good, but try to get "kneadite". It is the original one and thus much cheaper than repacks.

    2. Sorry to butt in on the convo, but have either of you tried Procreate? It's similar to Green stuff (Kneadatite) but smoother..and grey lol I sell both on my site...I know...cheap plug haha

    3. Haha, no, not procreate yet. I was thinking about it, grey seems nicer than that plastic green :P.
      And don't even start about your page, I am holding back since you came here! :D

  9. Some nice stuff, Mathyoo. I envy your sculpting skill, you're really making some nice sculpts. I like your color choices for the houses. It's nice to have a variety.

  10. Some good ideas there mate, looking forward to seeing the end result.

  11. @Joe Thanks!
    @Extraordinarii Thanks. Will try to speed up, got lots of other things to do, too!