29 Aug 2013

Hummers to Humvees - part 9

Hello and welcome to ninth and last part of the conversion (yay!). They've came out a bit different than I expected (no FOF recognition on back, no jerry cans, no extra wheels, no gunshields), but I've kinda grew tired of working on them. To make most of the things, I'd need bits that I don't have and for a gun shield...I figured they look better without as it shows more of a gunner.

Nothing much to say, so on to the photos!

All of them together now. You can see the coiled barbed wire on one of them. It was trying to darken it with a black wash but it keeps staying clean. Talking of clean - I've just remember I've forgot to dust the vehicles!
 top view
 First humvee. This one was silver, if you remember them from the first post.
 A gunner detail. He has the helmet cover with multiple stripes, used to tuck vegetation in. Both guners were painted ordinary skin and then washed with green and a bit of brown for camo.
 Second humvee, the "ex-blue" one. There's not much difference between the two, except lenght of the bumper, gunner and color of tyres.
 Two shots of second gunner. He uses one-strap helmet cover...it's no big deal, I prefer the former kind but it takes a lot of little work to get all the straps done :P. He appears to be talking to someone inside.
 If you look close enough, you can notice the pin - essential part of Mathyoo-gun mount-rotation-mechanism or Magmormech (I'll grab my coat...)

Here is a very short imaginative scenario I've came up with for your amusement. Don't mind the lack of terrain and enemies and imagine thick forest or a town..whatever you fancy.

A slovene-british convoy was on the move from point A to B...it was lead by a humvee, followed by Brit "landie" troop carrier and it had another humvee for rear protection...

 "Contact left! Contact left!" the ever elite SAS team jumped out of their carrier, took cover behind the vehicles and blasted away!
 Close up on lead humvee - I think it works quite well!
 And another posed shot, patrolling the roads of Evergreen Fields (but staying dangerously close to the vehicle for some reason!)

And lastly, a post un-related photo.  I have to disappoint as while it appears to feature female, it is not human. Few days back, I was in the kitchen when I've spotted the small roe deer taking a walk on our property (the house lies in flattened karst valley). Roe deers keep making damage to the flowers and garden, so I tried to scare them away, but they've grown used to us, apparently, as they didn't budge. A normal animal would run away, but lately, they just turn the head towards you, screaming at them and they watch you all interested. Those two took it a step further and the younger one even fed while I was waving at them. The short stone "wall" you can see behind them is the property boundary. I was about 20-25 meters away and our ever-watchful guard dog has his hut some 15 meters away from their spot. He is a very kind dog, apparently, as he only starts barking if we start screaming, so they're not afraid of him and they can eat the rose ends as much as they like.

Thanks for looking,



  1. You may be thinking the deer's are pests but I am thinking how lovely is that to have such magnificent wild life so close.

    On to the Humvees and Landie. I must say they have come out very well. My advice would be to put them away for a few weeks get your enthusiasm back. Then go back and add the details you desire, petrol cans etc.

    Really no need to of course as they do look very good as they are.

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love the little creatures. And the fat doormouses (what a funny name :D) that are making damage in our attic :P. It's also nice to see an occasional fox, hedgehog or even a badger while driving to and from home, but I think that if they grow fearless, more will get hit by cars and such.

      Thanks for the tip, I suppose there is no damage if adding things if I ever feel the need :)

  2. They look great buddy I wouldn't even bother with those details unless you really have to.

    As for the wire on the bonnet did you try varnishing it first?

    Wow that is pretty awesome to us cityfolk who rarely get to see such things of nature just the occasionally scavenging fox

    1. RHanks. Will try varnishing once I'll be working on some other project, cheers for the tip.

      Hah, I suppose it is not as ordinary as it is to me. I live here for around 10 years now, so I got used to them. they are more frequent in winter and spring...I used to be amazed to see them every time for at least 5 years :P

  3. The Humvee's and Landie look great. Good idea for a scenario as well. Deer can be real pests in the Eastern US. Not so much out here. More Coyote, and Rabbit and all kinds of birds and lizards.

    1. Thanks Sean..here they're at least only feeding on flowers and such...while my mother really hates it, they aren't making any "real" damage...they are kinda cute, lol.
      Are coyotes attacking people? Worst we got here was a bear, but we only saw a footprint, so it was probably only passing. There are lot of bears at my grand parents' though. Granddad used to store firecrackers close by to keep them away from his bees.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! They do look better with some paint on, don't they? :P

  5. Great to see the finished product, so to speak and it was well worth the wait as they're excellent. (I know how you feel too when you've been on a project for ages and you just want it to be finished !)

    1. Thanks Joe! Yeah, it is also interesting to see how boring the end product is after there's no more to do with it :D