1 Sep 2012

Black cat bases SALE

I saw a blogger I am following reminding people about the sale at the Black cat bases, and I've figured I might post about it myself!

The thing is, you get 20% discount for every order, regardless of size, and you get 25% for orders above 100 pounds.

If you don't know about Black cat bases, it has variety of miniatures, for post apoc games are probably most notable zombies (duh!) and killer clowns (I wanted to get those myself!). This time, I bought some "cthulhu investigators",  a maniac, mad scientist and some innsmouth figures. They also got some nice urban scenery items, useful for modern boards.

Hobbywise, progress is slow. Building some jungle (found those plants!) and leavesless (?) trees. I got more and more enthusiastic about building some buildings, but I can't get myself to paint any miniatures!

See you next time with some terrain pieces done!


  1. Thanks for the tip on Black Cat Bases. They have a few figures I wouldn't mind adding to my civilians.

  2. Thanks mate. look forward to seeing what you do with your investigators

  3. As Adam said, thanks for the tip about BCB, I wouldn't have known otherwise!