17 Apr 2016

Bunker model - part 1

Hi guys,

I have honestly been working on more fantasy miniatures for a while, but then got preoccupied with other non-hobby things and have then - as usual - dived in a whole new project. I started making model of a bunker.

Should you be interested, the type chosen is a "Small Object". If you imagine a typical Casemate on the Maginot line, this would be it's smaller brother.
Modelling wise, this is a square bunker with a round turret on one of the side. It has a single heavy machine gun mounted in one of the sides. I decided to give this one a try because it's very, very recognisable and somewhat simple, without any odd shapes.

Strangely, I was unable to find many good sites on the internet about this kind of builds, but there are some people around that are making (mostly) Atlantik wall bunkers and some even actually make a wooden scaffolding and pour the concrete in.
I, however, went with the simpler approach and simply cut the general shape out of an insulation foam leftovers. I found a decent scale calculator online and set for a 1:48 model, which could potentially be used in 28mm games.

As you can see, my enthusiasm for precision work was abandoned very early.

After the general shape was constructed, I realised I am missing the protective heaps of earth around the bunker. The bunkers in my area were not dug in as the Blitzkrieg caught up with the construction workers, but I think having some earth around it adds to the visualisation.

Then it was all covered in plaster. Two or three times.
 Back view with the entrance:

 Yes, I do realise the earth is way unnatural. I plan on making another model in 1/100 where I could make the surrounds more natural and possibly put more types of bunkers on it for the sake of presentation.
 When I got bored with plastering and sanding, I decided to give the model a coat or two of - and this is very important - cheap black paint.
Main weapon, a HMG would be mounted in the wall below:

There was a slight problem, however. I have intended to make further adjustments to the model after painting it, and when I've started scraping it, the paint peeled. I presume the bad paint quality, paired with thick coats (my bad!), that were put on before the paint fully dried (my bad!), with the added fact that the model was still dusty because of the sanding (I know!) had a lot to do with it.

I will show you the photos next time, but lets just say I've spent quite some time peeling the bugger off. The result was actually fantastic, as it gave bunker a bit of the "rustic" feel to it - but to no effect as it will be painted over.

More about it next time!



  1. I can see much more detail in the white model than the black one.

    That said this really is terrific as one need not go over detailed on the model. I am sure in real life wit a machinegun working it would have been a formidable defence. Not something I would want to attack.

    Shame there is little internet information I also find that surprising.

    1. The worst thing about the details is I can not decide if build them as they would ideally look like or what they actually looked like!

      Most of them were never used, but those that were turned out to be a reasonably easy prey for the Germans (that knew really well how to tackle any kind of fortifications!)

  2. Great scratch building work. Always fancied building a bunker from plans but always chickened out of it.



    1. Well, mine is all weird and sloped already, but I have picked one of the easiest designs.

      Perhaps go with something simple, carving a box can't be too hard!

  3. Some times the paint gods are just not with you. Still off to a decent star.

    1. And the probability of this happening rises when you try painting a dusty model, I think! :D


  4. Good to see you're building scenery again and I wouldn't worry to much about the terrain aspect, it has after all been churned up to build the bunker in the first place.
    It's difficult to tell from your model, but does the roof lift off ?

    1. No, the roof doesn't move. I was so hyped I build it with the left over styrofoam, so instead of building it up in even layers, I made it hollow.

      It has backfired considerably, as now my turret roof is noticeably sloped!

  5. Great build I am sure you will get around the paint peeling off.

    1. Thanks Simon, I think I've peeled it off enough now to have it solved!