25 Feb 2014

Insurgency rising - part 2

 Hello guys,

I got another five insurgents done (as in converted and probably not really completely just yet!).

This time I got a leader, 3 guys with small arms and another LSW guy, so nothing really new.

I also took some comments into account from previous batch and I've done some changes to the first group of five.

Below is the first batch shown again. I've found peak hat too goofy, so I've swapped it for a baseball hat on the leader. The AT guy seemed too blank, so I've added a sort of a metal canister for two rockets on his back. Canister's dimensions are made completely by the eye and it just roughly resembles the real thing. I've also just remembered it needs clips to hold the lid closed!
The LSW guy got a scarf to help him hide his identity when needed, but it came out way "metro". Those heads really don't seem too "evil".
I have decided to sculpt some ski masks on some (more on that later in the post) and I've decided to give one to the awkward posed molotov guy. He wears his as a hat and he has not covered his face. If you look really closely you will notice an indicated mouth hole on the rim of the hat.
Last guy hasn't been modified any further.

Below is the next batch. We got a leader, a LSW guy and three small arms guys. They all have different weapons, which is more due to how the sprues are made than anything else, really.

Leader of this group had more work done than the rest. He is made from the "baseball bat" guys and it took me days to notice on of his hands was long and other short sleeved. His arms were cut at different angle to try and indicate he is giving his unit a sign to stop or double-time it. Probably the latter, as he is in the movement. He holds his rifle with one hand and it could probably benefit from a sculpted strap for his gun...but then again, so could everyone else so I've decided to leave it out. As his rifle is of western design, so is his vest. He carries a lot of equipment and he might just be one of the international fighters that have came to Evergreen to fight for the "cause".
LSW guy has the same weapon as the guy in the first batch. He was given the chest ring vest as most of others and a ski mask. I've decided to make some of the insurgents look as veteran warriors, in case I'd want to distinguish hardened fighters from local militia.
Third guy, and first of the "ordinary riflemen" is armed with an SA80 rifle. He is just reloading his rifle. His chest ring will probably get more work to make it a bit more complex than the standard "AK" one, but that's a minor thing.
Next guy is armed with M16 and uses the same body as the AT guy in previous batch. I can "only" use 9 of 10 models from the sprue as kid would seem out of the place among the insurgents. This guy came out really wrong. Instead of giving an impression of insurgents, he seems like a hipster. He's got a scarf and, god forbid me, a single bag. I figured some wouldn't be able to get the proper military vests so they'd have to work with what they got and it came out wrong. I think I need to at least sculpt some pockets on his pants to make them look more military.
Last from this batch is one of my favorites. He has his equipment stored on a belt (and would really need some straps or his back would break carrying all that) and wears a ski mask. I will most probably cut a mag from an extra AK. He doesn't wear vest with extra mags, so he'd have to stick two mags together for a faster reload. I tried sculpting it but it turned out to be way too much effort. I will still be able to use the AK I will take the mag from as a bit of a scenery in a safe house or weapons cache.

 Below, you can see the backs. Straps on the LSW guy had to be fixed as they broke. Overall, they have very rough finish, as the first batch, but it should be fine for what they are.
 Below are two close up shots. It's a beautiful day outside and I can't really find a position to shoot photos where a light would be only behind me, so they came out a bit bad. Still, the general idea of what I'm trying to show can be seen.

That's it for today,

I'll show you some zombies again next time and in the mean time, I have to decide what to do with the insurgent's bases and if I'd want to build more or just paint some next.

Thanks for looking,


  1. These are terrific. Great looking insurgents. I think you could do a couple of Kids either bringing up ammunition and supplies or as "dickers"

    1. Thanks! That is a valid idea, but still seems just wrong, you know. They could work as civilians, hating or loving the international forces as the convoy rolls pass the village...ah, scenario idea! :P

    2. Had to change my email address. I will leave a message for you on the Living Dead forum.

      I can't recall you email addy and my address folder got wiped when I had to change emails. Cheers Clint

  2. Hey, they've come out really smart, Mathyoo. It's amazing what you can do with these plastic minis. there is much versatility in them.
    Naturally, I'm looking forward to seeing your latest zombies. Bring 'em on!

    1. Thanks! They seem versatile now because that's one sprue of them. I'll see how interesting they will be after they are all done :P. I have already decided to paint 3 at a time, so at least that should end up in a lot of variation.

      As for zombies, it's nothing special, the "usual" 4 zombies group :)

  3. Onward and upward, really good stuff Dude.

    1. Cheers mate! I got some ideas for the next batch, but they're not a project where I could go particularly wild :D

  4. Nice work Mathyoo.
    I like your sculpting, I found it very difficult. These guys could be used to fight zombies as well.

    1. Thanks Bob. I have sculpted a lot last year (check the SA Bestiary tag, most of things there are converted or sculpted), so I have gained some experience. I know it seems hard, but it really isn't that hard to make basic stuff. Comparing my work to someone who is sculpting for 15 years is naturally out of place, but things here are really easy. You take a blob of putty and push it around a bit - voila! :D

      They could be fighting zombies, for sure. Most of them will end up looking really civilian, after all.

  5. Great work mate! The modifications you done to the originals make sense the baseball cap looks a lot better on the leader.

    All the new additions look great I wouldn't worry about the rifle variety I imagine most guns are available on the black market or could of been looted.

    Have you though on paint schemes yet?

    1. Thanks! The peaked hat was a bit archaic looking, yeah :D. I'm trying to put a sheriff hat on one, but I can't see how this would make sense :D.

      I remember seeing a great site about camouflages, so I'll paint three at a time with same camouflage pattern. This will end up with more variety, to make them stand out like a militia.

  6. These are looking very good so far. It will be nice to see them painted!

  7. I do like seeing what you can do with these, it's very impressive.
    For variation of heads try putting on a bandana as a face mask, should be easy for you.
    *Where are their pockets ? - lol)

    1. Thanks Joe, will try the bandanas, it should fit in great.

      Pockets were added after the photos were taken, so you'll only see them after I paint them!