4 Nov 2013

WIP...with photos!

Hey guys!

Can't say I've done much since last post, but I have decided to take some photos to brighten this place up a bit.

The friday's gaming night went well. One guy was really interested in trying Strange Aeons and we managed to squeeze quite a lot of games in - I think around 7 or so. At first, he kept winning without any trouble, but by the end, one of his guys died (and after he put the same miniature in the list, he died again :D). Apart from that Infinity and Flames of war (early war) were played. I came home with those *great* ideas for new projects:
- SA board with Ljubljana's three bridges - it is an old idea, but I should really start working on it, so I can occupy myself. It is rainy outside and I'll go mental if I don't start working on something large-ish.

The idea is to divide a board with (downscaled) three bridges. Originally, there was only one, but other two were added in 1930, roughly when SA takes place. I had various ideas regarding this board, but I should draw some plans and then make a whole post about it :P.

- I like how Infinity plays, but I don't really like the sculpts. Or the prices. So I was thinking about getting something similar to get in a game, as a side project and that's very low priority.

- FOW EW. I haven't played game in a while now, but seeing Finish ski guerilla company, I instantly figured making partisan army that could be played by those rules would be a great project. The army has special ambush rules that would really fit the whole idea of partisans. As an all-infantry list, it wouldn't be competitive, but hey, I don't remember the last time I won anything! :D

 Apart from thinking, I've done some actual doings, too. Here is what I'm painting at the moment:

 It is the three Ramshackle games miniatures I got from Johnny. As crude as they might seem, I actually found out they're full of details. First from the left is an overly muscular female. I wanted to sculpt her a side cap, to make her a mecha pilot or mechanic or whatever - she will still fit that role, but as she has googles on top of her head, I've decided to only sculpt her trousers (she has some sort of short pants originally). I have no idea what exactly to do with second guy, but he has a flamethrower and he doesn't really resemble anything particular, so he can easily be a secret weapon of a sort. Third guy is my favorite and I'm certainly using him for Blasphemous construct in my planned W WW2 SA games. His shield and armguard (plus the engine backpack thingie) have all been given the "germanic" black-white-red palette, to make him fit in with the planned window covers in a planned Wolfenstein  castle I will probably never make :P.

I haven't been sculpting a lot lately, but I have made considerable progress since I've last shown any of my work.

Do remember some of the things you'll see were made multiple times, so all together I was working on them much more than it shows :P.

Here is my sculpting "table", so, the chopping block.
 A RGW-90 to-be.  It is a disposable rocket launcher, also called MATADOR. It is primarily used to blow bunkers, doors and other fortified positions, but can be used against armoured vehicles. I had one at about this stage but I scraped it. It is a bit crude for now, but I'm working my way forward :).
 The rifles! Just check all the progress I've had on those. I don't like the "left arm grip" and neither I like the upper part (above the grip but bellow the rail-to-be). I am  quiet proud of using a thin wire to support my rail superstructure, however. I might just cut the front grip and redo it at a later date.
That is a GL on the left gun.
 Minimi's stock. As I keep repeating, I've had this one finished at least 3-4 times,  here I'm trying it different way again. if this all collapses again, I'll just fill in the space between the wires and it should save me lots of trouble.
 Lastly, the bunch of heads. I am working over Ebob's modern Chinese I think. I am working on the helmets for couple of months now, and our army has already bought a new model, ha! It doesn't really matter at this scale, plus Ebob's helmets are closer to what we use now.

I have decided to go for a variety of covers as they're used with the old uniform - I still don't know what the covers will look like on the new, if there will be any at all!

First has multiple strips that allow you to tuck in grass and other vegetation as much as your heart desires. This is my favorite as it has more "going on". It doesn't look that bad in person, either.

 Second is the "old pattern", with only two lines. This is the one that our desert camouflage is printed on, too, so for Afghanistan and Iraq, this one would be the "right one", but again, the main purpose is variety.

 Third is same as the second, but with goggles. It doesn't show too well on picture, but I'm hoping they are semi-decent. The chances are, however, I might just cut it all and start redoing it.
 Lastly a "special forces" helmet, but also used by other troops. I am quite sure it is just the new helmet and they had it in testing before it was officially chosen as the new helmet. It will have no cover (they're just spraypainted sand over original green). It needs some more putty up front and some more piling around the sides. Then I will put rails on it, which could be used for attaching lights, cameras and such.

I have decided I will make the Special forces pack first as all the ad-ons will make them not only suitable (and accurate) for moderns, but also for any low-tech sci-fi, as gun itself is quite futuristic looking.

Oh, on the private life front, I'm also growing my Mo, but being a blonde and gifted with little to razor, there's nothing I can show that would be seen on photos on day 4 :D.

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment away!



  1. You've got a lot of things going on there, haven't you :-) ?

    The 3 -bridge configuration seems unusual - I would have expected bridges to be rather further away from each other. Very pretty, though.

    1. Hah, a lot going on, but not much getting done I'm afraid. I'm trying to work on what I have already started, so I can finish something before I jump to something else :D

      Well, there are other bridges, of course. Here, the middle bridge used to be for motor vehicles (city centre is closed for those now), and two smaller bridges were foot bridges.

  2. You have crammed 3 posts worth of stuff in one blog post, then you say you have not been busy! Where to start? 3 Bridges would look good it will split the board and force any defender to consider defending all 3 equally or to have a mobile reserve and reinforce as needed. (other options are of course available!)
    The helmets and the guns seem to be coming on very well. As does the painting. AND you had a few games of SA. Busy boy!

    1. Yeah, but...most of it is really months old :D

      It would be just a nice little 2x3 board for SA, so no huge tactics here, I suppose. I figured a known place would make it more appealing if we'd ever show the game on shows and such. Three bridges, bunch of facades to stand on, a statue of a poet and such :D

      Thanks! I hope I'll get guns finished by end of this month :)

  3. As Clint said, you have been busy, Mathyoo. I'd love to see a gaming board of Ljubljana's three bridges. You could use it for a variety of games from different time periods.

    1. Thanks! If I start working on it, you certainly will be able to see it! :D

  4. The three bridges project seems a huge undertaking, not one I'd be up for, so good luck with that.

    Your sculpting skills are going from strength to strength too.

    1. That's not making me feel any better, knowing what you can do, Joe! :D

      And thanks!

  5. The three bridges sound an interesting project. Even more so will the story behind it. The figs are coming along nicely are the Ramshackle figs quite big?

    The modern trooper sculpting looks great so far keep it up!

    1. The girl is kinda normal sized, but climbing a barrel guy in a mid is a bit bulkier, probs space marine sized judging by the eye and the big guy is really big :D


  6. Progress looks good! Hopefully there won't be any more problems with making them! :)

    1. I haven't done everything yet, so I expect more to go wrong...like scopes, for example. That could be a problem :D

  7. great inter-rim post. Thanks.