31 Oct 2013

Just a small update

Hey guys,

not much to talk about and nothing to show...I have finally started painting again this week, working on Ramshackle games' minis that Johnny sent my way (I said those will be first miniatures I paint!). I've decided to go really slow as I'm working my best to make them fit a WWWII scheme where possible (I found a role for 2 of 3 :P).

Sculpting is also sloooowly restarting, so I'm still working on the weapons I talked about months ago, if you perhaps remember. They are killing me (I done at least 3-4 stocks for minimi light machine gun, AT launcher has fallen apart, as did parts of rifles etc etc), but I've decided I'll get my revenge once the suckers are done. I am not even sure I should call it "sculpting" as I  got a feeling I cut more putty off them than I put on them!
I did got most of the heads finished. I have a "special ops" WIP, one is completed and two need minor fixes, so that's something I suppose.

Oh and I'll try to find someone who'd want to play Strange Aeons with me at the tomorrow's games day, but it doesn't look too good :D

I figured I can't really promise any progress photos any time soon, but I'm working my best to finally show some of my actual work again!



  1. Photo's when you can, but don't rush anything and spoil it trying to get them finished. Glad you are back painting again and have a good games day. With luck you will find an opponent for strange Aeons

  2. As Clint said. Work at your own pace, but don't ever give up! Tell us how it's going :-) .

  3. Keep at it Mathyoo, you will only get better.
    Have you tried other mediums to work with to ?

  4. Yes, indeed, keep up the good work and take your time. Don't rush things and remember - patience is a virtue.

  5. Hey mate, keep at it. We're all looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff.

  6. Nice to see you posting photos or not ;) . You'll get there eventually with them mate.

  7. Thats guys, as odd as this sounds, this blog really gets you working on the hobby again! :D