19 Dec 2012

Shocking tales of mayhem and madness 3 arrived!

A postman just dropped my ST3 book for Strange Aeons. It was officially released on Halloween and I got a bit worried I'll never see mine. The thing is, they had to be sent to the UK and from there to Slovenia, as I've  ordered from the UK based Black Hat miniatures.

I've just made a quick peak but we got giant bugs, giant snakes, giant spiders, mushroom forests (I always wanted a reason to build giant mushrooms!), meat eating plants. Also got chainsaws, molotov cocktails and the Dunwich horror! Gotta paint mine as soon as I'm done with my diorama for The board of Living Lead!


  1. Sounds great, was this an early Xmas gift to yourself ?

  2. Wasn't planned, but now that you've mentioned it...thats right!

  3. Just in time for Christmas. Is this a more modern slant to SA?

    1. No, no, it's an addition. All shocking tales are - 3 books out now. First just had extra bad guys and some weapons. Second had extra bad guys and a special campaign. If your team wins 5 games in a row (which mine was not successful at :P), you can go on a special "black dossier" campaign. Black dossier is a coding machine, as german WW2 enigma. The file is top secret :P. In Shocking Tales 2, you had to go search for a missing expedition in a lost valley in Brasilian rain forest. So there you had to draw a map, steal dinosaurs eggs and so on. You had baddies as neanderthals, T-Rex, Velociraptor, sabre-tooth cat and so on. In ST3, the book I just got, you got 3 of those special campaigns. One is a venture to a test island that has giant bugs, giant spiders, giant apes...everything giant and a carnivore plants and enormous mushrooms and such. Then you got one where you got to escort Lovecraft trough your normal games and he has some dream problems, didn't read it trough yet, but seems really fun. Third is revisiting Dunwich, where all sorts of weird thing is going on...americans!