5 Dec 2012

Modern survivors conversions

 I am neglecting hobby due to all the work I got with my study, but here are some photos of two conversions I've been doing lately:

First is TAG's riot policeman (4th guy from left here. When I've joined Board of the Living Lead there was a discussion about useful survivor's equipment. I am not certain who it was (think it was Brummie), but someone mentioned chainmail against sharks and talked something about a pike and a shield as an useful weapons to fight the hordes. That was the basic idea, the rest was just added as I saw fit.
He will have a riot shield attached, but so far, here is the list of modifications:
A visor instead of tactical glasses. Protect the face!
A baton turned into an axe. Hack it, don't smack it!
One hand got dressed in the chainmail, against the bites!
Lost a little radio on his back, gained sawn-off shotgun. Explanation needed?

 The second is a mantic-hasslefree Ken. I've got mine misscasted and replaced (with no hassle, good job mantic here). I was left with the miniature that provided a nice basis for some converting. I changed his G36 for F2000s our army uses. An "interesting" fact: Slovenian army was picking between G36 and F2000 at one point, deciding to go with belgian gun nobody uses instead of german field proven piece. It is a bullpup gun, but I think I roughly got the shape without it looking too wrong. To really make it F2000s (mind the S for "Slovenian", yay), I'd need to put a red-point aiming device on top of the rail. I did no further conversions for a long time, but I've lately modeled the back-pack and a face mask for some more variety.

Thats it for today,
next time, we can discuss all the good guys that bring presents to nice slovenian children in December. Yes, plural. No, not zombie related.



  1. Nice conversions, It probably was me. I was on about the shark armour type stuff

    1. Hah, well, it is a sound idea, once you think of it!

  2. Nice job indeed... :)
    Last year I've purchased some shotgun armed TAG mercenaries but I've found them too "chunky" if compared with hasslefree models and too short to use with reaper Chronoscope models..
    What is your opinion? How do you think they go with your other models?
    Ciao ;)

    1. I don't have many different brands yet, but here is a post made when I first got my TAG miniatures:

      There are some comparison pictures with Mantic zombies, Hasslefree and such. I found them a bit big, but I generally believe the differences don't matter as when in game, you rarely put them really close together.