18 May 2012

A letter from Joe!

Hey again guys!

today, when I've came home, a nice little envelope was waiting for me, all the way from US of A! Thanks for the decals Joe. And don't worry, they haven't came a day too late. My private life is crumbling down to the foundations at the moment and it made my day a bit :). I can't wait to get my TAG minies now, I'll jump on SWAT guys right away and will do my best to make sure those decals look as good as possible!

Hobby wise, again, I can't really do too much. I planned on painting mini me for Shelldrake's campaign, but I need to catch some sleep first. Maybe tomorrow, I really planned to have him finished before I come home.

Well, hope you guys are all right, I will probably post some ideas for my campaign settings next week and after I get home, I'll have enough time to double time the project, should start the campaign itself by august (pretty blind shot at this one, I have no idea how long it will take to get everything up and running :P)



  1. Hope things aren't too rough, can't wait to see some campaign ideas. Myself, I am feel the gap between preparations and playing closing, which is is good because I started preparations nearly a year ago.

  2. Sounds good, Hope things are not to bad and you can work your way through them.

  3. Take care of yourself! You are a survivor mate!!

  4. Do take are buddy. I'm sure things will sort themselves out.

  5. Things are a little rough all round. Think it's something to do with it being 2012. The olympics, the queens jubilee, end of the world etc :-)

    Things never look as bleak when you are looking back at them.

  6. Real life sucks! Thank god we have our hobby to provide us with some blessed relief.

  7. @Adam If that is how it is, then I will really make sure I post them next weekend!

    Otherwise, I am now available (see the winner attitude :P), which will hit me pretty hard once I am home for good. I got lots of useless junk to write for my faculty, one of the lecturers is keeping me busy, guess it must be something about me being the defense studies student, as she lectures journalism :D. There are some other obstacles as well, but I'll just go over one by one!

    Thanks for the support guys. That will sound lame, but I just have to say again how good you all are. I agree Vampifan, and good thing I've placed an order for minies before I left, so it will keep me busy.