27 May 2012

Campaign Set up - theory 1


I've written this post before I left, because I knew I wouldn't have time to do much of anything hobby related. 

I am thinking much about how my campaign should be run and about tweaks in the rules that I'd need (want?) to make.

Don't get me wrong, I am really satisfied with the rules, but they come out too simple, so to say. Then again you can fit limited amount of things in one book.

Some of the chagnges, as zombies control and additional weapons, will be used in normal games as well, but others, like improved search tables and some campaign specific scenarios, will be, at least for the beginning, limited to campaign play.

I only have rough idea of what to do at the moment, but this is no problem, as I have plenty of time to fix things.  I have also picked the name of the town, by the way, but lets reveal that when the time comes.

To keep it easier for me, to keep it interesting for you, and because my handwriting is horrible, here is a rough to-do list before I start my campaign, by no special order:

- paint buildings
- build more building (fire house (department? station?), police station, clinic or hospital, more apartments)
- build more scenery (trash, rubbish, waste, bins, fences, walls)

- paint miniatures (obviously)
- purchase survivors (main characters and some random gangsters and police, army, too - rules are very light on NPC alive people, so I will fix that a bit, but I guess team Bloggers will be pretty lonely)
- purchase additional zombies (because...there is never enough!)

House rules:
- additional weapons and equipment (supressor!)
- zombie control
- scenarios (write "quarantine" scenario, inspired by ATZ, but basic. I was thinking police/army roadblock, survivors need to get out of the area - so updated "On the road" scenario from NMRIH; tweak other scenarios to fit campaign - will do that as campaign progresses)
- improve search tables (currently those are pretty basic. I will make special for apartment buildings, police station, firehouse, clinic, various types of stores etc)
- NPC? There are some ideas of NPC in the book, as people shooting at you and so on - will try to make it so they actually appear. The good guys (gives your team bonuses for scenario) will be able to join team for the duration of scenario, or, if I decide, join the team for the campaign)

The plot:
I already have rough idea of the first mission story, but will have to playtest a thing or two. Obviously, story will be made up as we go, regarding the things happening on the table.

After I come home, I will start painting zeds. I will try working with 6 at once, because 3 will take up too much time. Then I'll paint the buildings (bought some less expensive acrylics) and start experimenting with the house rules. I am most bugged with the ammount of zombies on the table, I will have less points on table than it is advised, and don't want my survivors to get overcrowded. To keep things simple, I might just play with the lowest zombie threat level (for example, using rules for rural densitiy, but playing in urban area). I don't want to dig too deep in the mechanics of the game.

You can see I've named this post "theory 1". The reason is, I plan to post updates say...once every 2-3 weeks, when I'd have something big finished. I will start blogging twice a week next week.




  1. Good luck in putting your plans into action, I'm still a long way frombeing ready to start my campaign.

  2. Mathyoo, I like your way of thinking. Don't think you have to start your campaign as soon as possible. Take your time preparing it. Build up your figure collection. Ditto for scenery and buildings. Work on the rules and play lots of practice games until you're happy with them. Given time, you'll know when you're ready. It may take a year or more before you're ready, but so what? I know you're young and impatient to get started but I would urge you to take your time over this and get it right from the beginning instead of flying off half-cocked when you're not ready. We'll still be here willing you on and offering what advice we can.

    1. Respect the words of the Zombie Master, young Padawan ....

  3. I first started making plans to play ATZ nearly a year ago, and I'm still a couple months away from starting. My figures and buildings are starting to come to completion, but I haven't even really touched the rules yet. I'll be playing a handful of different scenarios before starting my campaign with my heroes.

    You're moving at a good pace I'd say, so definitely don't rush things.

  4. I am toying with the idea of a Zombie campaign. As such I'll be interested in seeing who this moves forward. keep posting and keep up the good work.

  5. Press om mate. My advice is once you hace enough figures play an intro game , just for fun. A prequel. Gets you used to your characters. I've found playing. Is THE Thing. It drives yhe rest of the hobby. Blog tjè results, this gang here will give you tons of suport and guidence. Good luck.

  6. Sounds like a good plan. I'm looking forward to see how you get on.

  7. Good luck with your plans Mathyoo, don't forget above all else 'enjoy youself', we will journey with yoo.

  8. Mathyoo, I'd have to agree with Irqan, have a practice game as soon as you can, even if you use tokens instead of miniatures. I found it helps immensely to get the 'feel' of a ruleset

  9. If you start with a story in mind you don't really need to start too big. With the greatest respect to Vampifan (who does an awesome and inspiring blog) use what you have to do something small. Plan a game that has a few small bits added to it each time you play. This allows you to build up over time. Big plans are fine but most games never really get there. Start in the country and work you're way in to a city. Maybe start with a car crash, then a farm, then a crossroad with a few buildings, then a village, then a bigger village. Roads and highways are a good start. You get the idea. I like to have a variety of types of zombies. Whole games change on the change of the opposition.

    I have planned a deck of cards for just about everything. The plan was to stack the deck towards a particular scenario. you kind of know where you are going but even a referee can be suprised.