13 Jan 2016

Evergreen Fields: International Intervention Force arrives at the island.

Evergreen Fields, once lush island resort for the tourist from all over the World had a turn for the worse.

Unsatisfied by the actions of the elected government, an opposition party "Evergreen now!" staged a coup. It went wrong and two years later, the island's population is divided.

Being a peaceful place, Evergreen Fields did not have any armed forces. Grabbing any weapons they could,  the forces on both sides are mostly equipped with 20-30 years old equipment. Uniformed armies of both sides are, at some places, supported by local militias.

Evergreen Fields president, one Gideon Morrison has so far managed to keep the control of Evergreen, island's capital and some larger coastland cities. Inland and in parts of the coastline, Evergreen Now! party is in control.

Finally, after two years of considerations, the UN have decided to send a mission to Evergreen. Comprised of several nations, the mission's task is to support the government in regaining control of whole of the Island's territory and to aid in disarming of the rebels to make sure the islanders can start living to their full potential again.

The mission was named International Intervention Force (IIF). First troops to arrive were those of United Kingdom and a Multinational task force of Hungary, Italy and Slovenia. 

The scenario is set as openly as possible, to let me introduce new nations should I wish to do so. Don't hold your breath for it, however. As I am not really a fiction writer and every blog needs photos, here is what you can expect to see in in future. Apart from bragging, this collection helps me see just how far I've really came with my moderns, as all I see are things that still have to be done.

I will be using Slovenes I have been working so hard on. For those, that joined the blog at a later date, they are all conversions of Empress Miniatures' Americans. If you would like to know more about the process, see this link (scroll to older posts as I am not too conservative with the tag). Thanks again to Grekwood miniatures, Project Zeke miniatures and Ebob miniatures for all the help involved!

L to R: Rifleman, armed with F2000S; another one, also carrying RGW-90; SAW gunner with Minimi para.
L to R: a medic; vehicle crewman (converted from Empress Apache pilot crew), bomb technician (slight helmet conversion only).
 A very long time ago (time flies!) I converted some Poundland Hummers into SAF humvees. See here for the posts about the conversion work.
SAF Humvees, poundland vehicles conversion.
Unfortunately, I do not have any armoured transporters for the Slovenes, but I have a Zengdefu T-90,  that will be a stand in for both sides as a generic main battle tank.

 The rebel forces were converted from Wargames factory male survivors. Some worked better than others, but in general, I am quite satisfied. See this link for conversion work (again, scroll through posts to find them).

L to R: RPK gunner; another one; "RPG gunner" armed with a RB M-57. Sculpted from scratch, I only made one. The rest are armed with RPGs from female survivor sets (Thanks Carl and Colgar6!).

To give them some mobile firepower, I started working on technicals a while ago, but I didn't came anywhere with them since. Perhaps starting a campaing will give me the boost needed to make at least something of them.

Awful vehicles, but they should work fine.
Governmental forces will, at least for the time being, be represented by a conversion of Warlord's WW2 Marines. More about them here.

As for the armed branch of Evergreen Now! party, they will be represented by Under fire miniatures' East Germans (thanks Pete and Bill!). They might seem a bit out of place for a campaign set in today, but I would really like to use them. More on them here.
L to R: PK gunner; rifleman; RPG gunner.
While playing, I found my board pretty dull with the absence of civilians. To make use of what I have at hand (and to make me want to play some zombie games - unrelated to campaign!), I will be using zombies. Some of the Studio miniatures zombies were converted in actual persons (see different basing), but I only have 3 so far.

L to R: Studio miniatures Reporter conversion (note the camera!); Wargames factory Soldier conversion (not the helmet!); Studio miniaures zombie converted to a rebellious civilian.

Additionally, kicking off the campain made me sculpt again! I used old Ebob dollies and turned them from a failed SAF infantry project into something useful. Needless to say, I am not satisfied with the end results, but practice makes perfect.

L to R: two half done dollies before project was scraped and I used Empress miniatures for the basis of my infantry; dolly turned into an unarmed interpreter; field reporter, needs beefing up and a camera or 3.

I have also started working on a long-planned idea of a wounded Slovene. It is based on Studio miniatures torso and needs a lot of work. It also comes with a twist!

Torso on stretchers. I dread the idea of sculpting his boots.
It fits on a humvee!

 Lastly, a photo of a project on hold:

Top to bottom: F2000S with an UGL; Empress M4; sniper to be; another sniper; .50 cal to be; Automatic Grenade Launcher to be. They probably won't see the light of the day.

I will  be making up scenarios and happenings as I go. I can not promise too much, but I have already played one game. I will post it in a few days, as I have to trim down the text a bit.

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  1. Look forward to the game report. I have enjoyed seeing this project take shape mate. I hope you can find you mojo to get some of the bits finished off.

    1. Thanks Simon! Few days in, I'm already working on my technicals!

  2. I can only echo Simon's comments. Get more stuff finished and play plenty of games, even if you don't chronicle them all on your blog. Just have fun!

    1. Will do - I am determined to play at least 5 or so games so I can say I had a "campaign" and see what happens then!

  3. It's great to see that you're making progress on this project. Game reports are always good; I hope you can keep up your enthusiasm for the foreseeable future!

  4. At last it's all coming together ("at last" do I hear you say?). Time for some games whilst you continue to work on this project methinks.

    1. I had games planned for a while now - its even on the blog that I tried, but...need...better...terrain!

  5. Great post- very nice to see where you have got to with it all.



  6. I feel like pledging allegiance to a side! So as the Slovenians are there I will be cheering them on but that will of course change if they attack the British.

    1. Haha, well the idea is to have a combined international force. But to be honest, British presence atm is limited to a land rover and an apache!