16 Jul 2014

Evergreen armed forces fire team

Hello guys,

It took me a bit longer than expected, but I have finally finished painting a fire team, belonging to Evergreen armed forces (or whichever other, for that matter).

They are based on Warlord games USMC, which are nice miniatures by themselves, but very "heroic". As I am mostly dealing with WGF and Studio miniatures plastics, I must say I was a bit surprised by their size (which, I suppose, is a good thing).

I was showing WIP photos before, but in general, they got weapon swaps and had body armour sculpted, the rest is straight from the box.

As you can see on the photo above, the fire team is pretty basic. There are two riflemen, a grenadier and a LMG support gunner. I decided to give them those Yugoslav lizard pattern uniforms, complimented by donated US woodland vests and helmet covers. They are armed with old surplus weaponry. This "poor" look to them doesn't really fit my idea of Evergreen Fields being a flourishing tourist resort (as it is in my idea of a zombie campaign), but it fits a coup d'etat better.

I might let you know I photographed them 3-4 times, but the photos always came out weird. Those are best I could come up with.

Below are a "leader" rifleman and a grenadier.  Not much to add, they are both armed with M16s, while grenadier guys carries a horrible conversion of M79. Underslung GLs are fine and all, but I particularly wanted a separate one for those guys. I would prefer a more modern version, but this one was much easy to make.

Different camouflage pattern is particularly visible on the back photos. As usual, they are very glossy, but I am honestly using a mat varnish to seal the paintjobs.
Below are a rifleman and a "SAW" gunner. Rifleman is armed with an M16, as usual, and support gunner has one of the million modernised versions of inglorious MG42.

Not much else to add, I might mention I went full lazy on those and I didn't even bother covering the gaiters, I just painted them black and called it a day.


Buying those was more or less an impulsive buy (sprues were 50% off) and they will be used with my other modern forces as a lesser quality local troops. So, basically for variation.
I could do better job at converting (just look at MG42 guy's left shoulder joint) and especially at painting, the two camouflages should be strikingly different, but it didn't exactly caem out as expected. Other than that, they are more than suitable for what they are.

In other news, I am going on vacation for the next fortnight. I am going to visit my two favorite Georides, and I might meet Vampifan and Zabadak while I am at it, as well :D.
My converted versions of  F2000S' have been sent for casting and I have more Empress miniatures waiting for me, so I will have a lot of work to keep me busy through the August.

As  usual,

thanks for looking!



  1. They are nice, Mathyoo, and your paintwork does them justice. But the question I want answering is this - where did you get the garbage truck in the background of all your photos? It looks really cool and spiffy (is that even a proper word?).

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself dude, they look good.
    I'm with Bryan on the truck, where did you get it?

  3. Ditto Vampifan's comment, good paintjobs, blah blah, blah, but where did you get the truck ?

  4. Nice work Mathyoo. Like the lizard camo scheme. Enjoy your holiday !

    1. Thanks Clint. And thanks for not asking where the background is from :P

  5. I'll fourth the truck enquiry. Very nice minis, mate.

  6. Thanks guys! :D

    The truck is from Morrisons - I bought it 2 years ago, along with that green street cleaner that Joe showed on his blog few weeks ago.

  7. Great looking fire team. I kept looking at the Warlord sprue offer and had to quickly back away after I'd mentally added enough bits for about 4 500 point Bolt Action forces as well as sample sprues of the historicals to use as ghosts!

    1. Thanks mate.
      Those were on 50% but I totally agree with you. I wanted to add at least some Japs because...well, they are Japs. And Romans. And Celts.

      The idea of ghosts is fantastic - now I finally got a need for Napoleonics!

  8. Great work Mathyoo, they looks superb

  9. Excellent job mate they look great. Great Idea to use the USMC plastics they're a great looking set and I imagine you can do snipers and shotgun armed members of the squad as well.

    The truck in the background is it a shiny white plastic? if so it might be reflecting light back at the camera.

    1. Cheers! They are nice, but very chunky and large, especially compared to WGF survivors.

      Oh, that could be the cause of a problem. Well spottted - using that truck brought me nothing but trouble!