20 Dec 2013

T-90 and other projects!


not much going on hobby-wise here unfortunately, but I can't say I've been too busy overall. Following the post about bunkers, I've started a project that was my first idea for (very elaborate :D) master's degree. I'm outside a lot, marking the ones I know about. The map I will get as a result will then help me pinpoint the locations where more might be. Using this dead simple approach, I've managed to find a couple of bunkers that Italians actually didn't blow up - for reasons unknown as those two are in the middle of the forest as any other and all other bunkers next to them are blown up. I am setting up a separate blog, but there will probably be no posts before 2014 - even less so in English. But once something will be done, I'll certainly let you know!

Other than that, I've put together a sprue of Zombie Vixens I've got from Bryan way back in April. I will hopefully paint them before New year to get me back in the hobby! My ultra modern sculpting project has came to a halt. I have bought some new thin wire (yes, those are the gifts I am buying myself :D), but  I haven't yet used it! Again, I hope thing change soon, as I would like to have weapons finished ASAP. 

To at least do something modern, I've put together a T-90 I've got a while back. Brummie, thanks again for picking it up for me!
It's a Zhengdefu T-90 russian tank. It is made to fit a motor inside, which I didn't dare assemble. I don't need it and it all looks like it might blow up. Which reminds me, according to the internet, Zhengdefu or "Ki-tech" is a Chinese company that steals other company's old plans and makes their tanks. Even box art doesn't show the exact model that is inside (I'm not sure that was the case with T90).

Set up instructions were horrible, so I had to improvise a bit here and there. Somewhere, I've deliberately done some changes, to make the model more sturdy. In the end, I was left with some leftover plastics (like extra 6 couples of smoke launchers for some odd reason) so it's all odd, but hey, I won't complain for a 1.7 GBP or somewhere along that price.

All in all, it's a nice russian looking tank that will have to represent anything from T-50 to T-90 and in between. I am not demanding, it has somewhat low profile (for a tank) and a round turret - so it's good enough until I can find a similarly great deals for other tanks.

 So, here it is:

 The smoke launchers I was talking about. I've set them to rest on the tool box, which made sure they won't fall off every time I'd rotate the turret. The machine gun, by the way, is all weird.
 Front of the tank with turret facing backwards. Nothing much to say that would be of any great importance, I've broken the lamp guards and glued them on regardless...who's gonna know, right? There are some cameras or sensors all over the hull that I shouldn't put on, as you can see.
 A size comparison photo with a humvee I've done way back in the summer. You can see T-90 is enormous, yet smaller than it's western counterparts.
 A close up on the turret. I really wanted to have the commander's hatch opened as I like people peeking out of my tanks, but as it opens forward, he couldn't really reach the machine gun, so I've decided to close it instead.

Well, that is it for today, I hope I'll manage to get some sculpting or painting done at least every second day from now on!

Thanks for looking,


  1. I like that tank, very menacing. Good luck with the new blog and please do keep us informed as your post on Bunkers was very informative, it has made me wonder if I should do something similar for the my area which has several Napoleonic forts! (as well as ww2 Bunkers)

    1. Thanks! Will certainly keep you guys posted :)
      I sure hope it inspired you, because your blog is very inspirational for me, too. Mostly I just plan, but hey, I'll do SOMETHING eventually :P.

  2. Nice job mate. I had feeling it was going to be a bit awkward to build but hey ho! 1.70 is a bargain!

    Your very welcome mate. As discussed on FB look forward to reading you post about the bunkers.

    1. For what I've paid, it's more than fantastic, hah! Now I really need my ATGM sculpted so I can blow it up :P
      Thanks again!

  3. It's always useful to have cheap tanks, isn't it? This design looks much more cluttered than I would have expected for a Russian vehicle, though. Maybe I'd better revise my ideas?

    1. Sure is. I'd love to have more, but given the size, one is more than enough. I find 28mm way too big to use anything heavier than a humvee...perhaps an APC or two.

      I'm not sure I understand the part about tank being cluttered. If you mean it has lots of things "going on", I suppose that's just a reactive armour, search lights, machine gun and some tool boxes. It's pretty standard, it's kind of a modern T-72. If you mean the space, you have to be a special sort of midget to drive one of those. In M84, which is a Yugoslav variant of T-72, a gunner or someone had to move his hand every time a gun fired or he'd lose it. And I keep hearing how surprised crews that switch from soviet to western tanks are that you can "stretch your legs" in tanks like Leopard and Abrams and such :D

  4. Could you send me scan of assembly manual Zhengdefu T-90 ?
    Please !
    My email vadd67@gmail.com